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Sustainable Energy Visions
- INFORSE's Visions for a Renewable Energy World

INFORSE Vision 2050 Brochure

INFORSE has developed the "Vision2050" scenario models for global, regional and national scales for the period 2000 - 2050. With these models, the scenarios show how we can move towards supplying 100% of our energy needs for renewable sources in 20 to 40 years, starting from 2010. The scenarios developed in the last years, show that the transition is even possible earlier than 2050, e.g. by 2040 in the EU and by 2030 in Denmark.
The energy balancing model for national energy-systems was developed in 2001-02 by the INFORSE network. It was launched with a Global Vision for the whole world in 2002. Since then, the model has been used to simulate the potential scenarios for a number of countries by NGOs of the INFORSE network.
The model consists of linked excel spreadsheets, which are used to input the details of the energy system supply and demand. The statistics used are from the International Energy Agency, and national statistics. Lately, the model is complemented with using EnergyPLAN developed by Aalborg University, Denmark.

Contact: Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe. See more details at the end of this page.

Read a summary in the INFORSE Sustainable Energy Vision Brochure: Download Vision Brochure, Version December 2012/2010 (391 kB).

Read on the latest development and cooperation projects, where the model or the experiences of the model was used or is being used in the last years:

East Africa:
- 100 % Renewable Energy Scenarios in Africa including
Kenya and Uganda published within the EASE CA project in 2020-23.
- Uganda by UCSD, Uganda, February 2023. Program of Event (hybrid) - 9 February 2023.
Report and read more at Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development and UCSD Recources and at pdf at INORSE East Africa
- Kenya by Suswatch Kenya 2000-21, 2023. Report and read more: and pdf at INFORSE-East Africa

Nordic - Baltic Counties within the "Integrating Energy Sufficiency into Modelling of Sustainable Energy Scenarios" Project in 2020-21.

Belarus, Ukraine within SELNEE project in 2020-21.

Armenia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine within the ASET project in 2016-17.

Belarus Regions within the ECSE Project in 2012-14.

Explore the original INFORSE's Global and Regional Scenarios:
Global Vision launched with a presentation in 2002 at WSSD, Rio+10 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Global Scenario "Vision 2050" was one of the first scenarios for the whole world simulating that a 100 % renewable future is possible.
EU-27 Vision, Scenario for Phase out of Fossil and Nuclear Energy Until 2040 (2011)
EU-25 Vision, Scenario for Phase out of Fossil and Nuclear Energy Until 2050 (2004)

Explore INFORSE's Country Scenarios developed in the period from 2003 and 2014:
Belarus, transition to renewable energy and economic calculations (2003, updated 2011, 2016-17, 2020)
Region of Belarus - Latvia - Lithuania, transition to renewable energy (2011)
Bulgaria, transition to renewable energy (updated December 2010, December 2014)
Denmark, (Updated in March 2015: 3rd version developed in 2014)
Estonia, transition to renewable energy (2011)
Hungary, transition to renewable energy (2nd version published in December 2014)
Latvia, transition to renewable until 2040, economic calculations until 2020, (update December 2010)
Lithuania, transition to renewable energy (December 2010)
Romania, transition to renewable energy (2007)
Russia, transition to renewable energy (2008)
Slovakia, transition to renewable energy (2002)
Ukraine, transition to renewable energy, (2003, with later update on 2016-17, 2020-21)

Explore INFORSE Members' Scenarios:
UK ZeroCarbonBritain phase put fossil fuels until 2030 (NEW 4th Report published in February 2017) developed by Center for Alternative Technology (CAT), UK.

INFORSE presented the scenarios in several forums, and has been part of coalitions to urge further development of ambitious renewable scenarios. Please read news about these:
CLEVER Scenario launch June 5 2022
CLEVER Scenario launch in Brussels and online
Monday, June 5. 2023
Read more:
- INFORSE in the CLEVER project
Final Report and the Executive Summary.
- Press Release

INFORSE Europe Seminar 21092020 Transition to 100% Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Society in Europe

2020 September 21:
Transition to 100% Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Society in Europe (Examples from UK, France, Denmark)
Presentations by
- Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology, UK
- Yves Marignac presented negaWatt's, France
- Gunnar Boye Olesen, VE/INFORSE, Denmark
See Proceedings
Cowdfunding Campaign for European Scenario  2019
2019 April-May: Crowd Funding Campaign for work on ambitious European 100% Renewables Scenario.
By 15 NGOs & Networks: NegaWatt, INFORSE-Europe, and the members active on scenario work: Centre for Alternative Technology, Ecoserveis, Zala briviba, Za Zemiata, Energiaklub; and FOE-Europe, Festambiente Legambiente, Wise Europa, Wuppertal Institut, ZERO, Eurac, Fraunhofer ISI.
More Info on web site of Negawatt (in French, Note: Browser translation works well to English): Contribution site of Negawatt.
- European Scenario initiative and Press Release: Negawatt 11 April, 2019.
Publication: RAISING AMBITION  Zero Carbon Scenarios from Across the Globe.
2018 September 12:
RAISING AMBITION - Zero Carbon Scenarios from Across the Globe

Looking into 130 scenarios towards 100 % renewable energy supply
Net zero is achievable! How do we get there? We have the tools to move beyond fossil fuels! Game over for wasteful energy use!
Main authors: Paul Allen, CAT UK, Isabel Bottoms, Track 0;
Contributing authors: James Lloyd, Nature 4 Climate; Jody Dean, The Climate Group 2050; Christian Breyer, Lappeenranta University of Technology. Technical reviewers: Dr Jaise Kuriakose, Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe. Published by Centre for Alternative Technology, in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe.
Download the Report from CAT's homepage: Publication Raising Ambitions (52 pages pdf) and Summary (4 pages pdf)
Explore ZeroCarbon Britain Research:
Zero Carbon Britain - Make it happen 2017
2017 February 27:
Ground-breaking NEW
ZeroCarbonBritain Report: "Making it Happen"
Toolbox exploring how we can overcome barriers in innovative ways. The publication is drawing on a wide range of peer-reviewed journals, books, reports and articles, as well as stories from real-life projects.
It is published by INFORSE-Europe member Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), UK. See the new and the previous reports at: ZeroCarbonBritain.
The Proposal - Fast Transition to 100 % Renewable Energy by 2030 in Denmark
2014, November 12:
The Proposal - Fast Transition to 100 % Renewable Energy by 2030 in Denmark.
Presentation by Gunnar Boye Olesen, SustainableEnergy & INFORSE at the 13th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems, Berlin Germany.
Download: Article published in the proceedings (6-page article, 200 kB pdf file) and
power point presentation (22-slide presentation, 1.3 MB pdf file)
INFORSE side event Bonn UN Climate Conference June 2015
2015 June 4:
INFORSE 100% Renewanble Energy Scenarios were presented at the
Side Event of the UN Climate Conference, 2015 - Bonn, Germany
Side Event's Title; Getting Ready for Zero: An overview of who is working on zero carbon modelling & tool kits & Next Steps
Link to Proceedings to the Side Event.
Low Carbon Societies Network:
INFORSE-Europe was partner on an FP7 Project, where Civil Society Organisations and Researchers working on Low Carbon Scenarios
The project was in 2009-12.
The Project partners produced scenarios, methodology, gudelines, and newsletters. Moreover, the Project established an online network database and a collection of national, regional, and global scenarios and good practices. The database has been updated since the end of the project. Read more: . The network is also on social media: .
INFORSE Scenarios Presented at the
Zero Carbon Road Show 2010
Brussels, Paris, Barcelona
INFORSE Vision presented at WSSD in 2002

INFORSE's Global Vision 2050 presented at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) Rio+10 in 2002.
Read article "Sustainable Energy Vision 2050: A Proposal to Achieve a Sustainable Energy System, Following Environmental and Social Imperatives" at the page on INFORSE's World Vision 2050 or Download from Global Vision2050 article as pdf.
Read more on INFORSE's Scenarios in the Articles of Sustainable Energy News:
100%- Renewable Energy in the EU by 2040 - A New Vision from INFORSE-Europe
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
Sustainable Energy News, No. 71, December 2010, 1-page article on page no. 5; Sustainable Energy News, No. 72, December 2011, article on page no. 10.
SEN No. 71 ( 2.9 MB 12-page issue)
100% Renewable Energy in 2030 with Good Economy - Denmark
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe/VE
Sustainable Energy News, No. 70, October 2010, 1-page article on page no. 6
SEN 70 ( 1.96 MB pdf 12-page issue)
ZeroCarbonBritain 2030
By Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology & INFORSE-Europe Board,
Sustainable Energy News, No. 69, June 2010, article on page no. 11

SEN 69 ( 1.6 MB pdf 12-page issue)
INFORSE Sustainable Energy Visions
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe/OVE
Sustainable Energy News, No. 62, October 2008, 2-page article
(2-page pdf 211 kB)
SEN 55 with article on the Vision 2050
# Energy Watch Group Reports on Declining Oil, Coal and Uranium Resources
Sustainable Energy News, No. 59, December 2007, 1-page article (pdf 583 82 kB)

# Sustainable Energy Vision 2050: Vision 2050 is INFORSE's campaign for a global transition to renewable energy by 2050. Possible? Realistic? Historical Change in the Industry?
Sustainable Energy News, No. 58, October 2007, 1-page article (pdf 533 82 kB)

# Record Uranium Price: What is Behind and What are the Consequences
Article in Sustainable Energy News, No. 57. August 2007, 1-page article (pdf 350 kB)
SEN 55 with article on the Vision 2050
# Global Sustainable Energy Vision 2050, How Fast we can Change?
Phase our Nuclear, No Need for All Resources, A Vision for EU
The Challenge of Reducing Heat Consumption, Efficient Transport, Decoupling Growth, Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Fossil Energy
Sustainable Energy News, No. 55, December 2006, 3-page article (pdf 82 kB)

How Can NGOs Use Sustainable Energy Visions, Scenarios and Plans
Since the 1970's NGOs have made alternative energy plans and visions, and have found that they are able to improve their work and be better accepted in the society, when they have well prepared plans and visions that support their proposals.
Read an overview of "How to use Sustainable Energy Visions"
(pdf 28 kB) for NGOs.

Developing National Visions
INFORSE-Europe has developed a serial of spread sheets that can be used to make energy balances decade by decade, illustrating a possible development 2000-2050. With inputs in the form of a current energy balance and trends for development in energy service demand, energy efficiency, fuel shift and development of renewable energy, it is possible to make possible future energy balances, following the Vision2050. The tool also calculates CO2 emissions.

The tool is available free to INFORSE members and cooperating European networks. If you are interested in more information about the tool, and eventually to use it, please contact INFORSE-Europe by email to

INFORSE has also compiled Planning Tools to be used in conjunction with establishing Vision 2050 models, including a guideline for assessment of renewable energy potentials, employment etc.

INFORSE has been involved in the development of a wind power strategy for EU. This is one of the inputs for the European Vision 2050. Read more: wind strategy and campaign.