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INFORSE-Europe's Publications
Sustainable Energy News Sustainable Energy News
Quarterly/Bi-annual journal, Published since 1992.
Published by INFORSE-Europe.
2000-2200 paper copies
also available as pdf file online.
Publication Organising Climate Friendly Events NEW !!! - Guidelines: "Organising Climate-Friendly Events"
111 pages (A5), 2016
Published by Homo Ecos, Latvia in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe, Center for Environmental Solutions in Belarus, and the Latvian Green Movement.

Publication is available in English, Latvian, and Russian.
Guidelines pdf files in English:
- Readable format 2 pages on 1 page landscape 29.5 MB.

- Printable higher resolution format 44.7 MB

The Russian and Latvian versions are available on the web site of Homo Ecos.
Handbook (English pdf): Organising Environment Friendly Events Handbook: Organising Environment Friendly Events
Authors: Antra Petersone, Maija Usca, Agita Pusvilka, Santa Krastina
Published by Homo Ecos, Latvia in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe, Sustainable Development Initiatives, Lithuania and Latvian Green Movement.
74 pp, October 2015.

The Publication is available in English, in Latvian and the summary is available in Lithuanian.

English pdf file, 74 pages, 7.5 MB, and Latvian pdf file 74 page, 7.5 MB
and Summary in
Lithuanian pdf file 0.7 MB.
Read more: Latvia-Lithuania-Denmark NGO Cooperation Project
Full pdf file, 4.8 MB, 78 pages, Gender in Sustainable Energy News 2001-2012 Reader: Gender Climate and Energy 2001-2012
Compilation of Articles on Gender in Sustainable Energy News
Edited by Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE

See Gender Compilation web page.
Download: Pdf file - Full Document, 78 pages, 4.8 MB.

Note: When you open it as a pdf file there are more ways to navigates in the document
Permanent window opens up to the left:

- Overview of the thumbnails of the pages.(Left upper corner, there is a symbol to click)
- Contents of all chapters and articles. (left upper corner, there is a symbol to click)
- Contents with links to Chapters
(page # 2)
- Contents with links to chapters and articles (page # 3)
NGO Views: Climate Change Policy in New EU Countries

NGO Views: Climate Change Policy in New EU Countries and Macedonia
Authors of the country reports: Bulgaria: Todor Todorov (Za Zemiata), Czech Republic: Jiri Jerabek (Centre for Transport and Energy), Estonia: Tonu Lausmaa (Renewable Energy Center TAASEN), Hungary: Brigitta Bozso (Energia Klub), Latvia: Alda Ozola (Latvian Green Movement), Lithuania: Saulius Piksrys Vytas (Bendrija Atgaja, Community Atgaja), Poland: Aleskandra Arcipowska (Polish Ecological Club, Mazovia Branch), Romania: Ioana Ciuta (TERRA Mileniul III), Slovakia: Emil Bedi (FAE), Slovenia: Barbara Kvac (Focus), and Macedonia: Iskra Stojkovska (Citizens Association Front 21/42).
Edited by Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe
Second Update published in December 2010. First published in 2008.

Available online.

NGO Guide on Structural Funds
How to Prepare the NGO Project Financed from EU Structural Funds
Good practice - Example of successful project financed from EU SF

Edited by Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe
19 pages, INFORSE-Europe
December 2010.
Download ( pdf fi1e 191kB)
More on Structural Funds

Study of the Introduction of Renewable Energy in the EU
Compiled by INFORSE-Europe for the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, 2006. 200 pages (95 pages report and 25 country annex)
Available online.
Distant Internet Education on Renewable Energy Technologies
By Emil Bedi (FAE) and Raymond Myles (INSEDA), 2000.
English version. Available online. See the description how to take the course, and look at the actual material.
Published CD and Update in 2002, 2004, 2005. 2007, 2009, 2010.

Russian version CD, 2007.
Description on INFORSE-Europe's website in Russian, and
on REA's (Ukraine) website in English in Russian

Slovakian version online.

Windpower for Western Europe, - an INFORSE Proposal for 2000 - 2020
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, September 2000, 17 pages + annexes.
Available online.

  European Energy Conservation ECO-Activities, Strategy
4-page Brochure to the European Environmental Ministers´ Meeting ´98 Aarhus.
Available online

Sustainable Energy Successes in Central Eastern Europe
(20 cases, 32 pages), 1998
Edited by Gunnar Boye Olesen (OVE-Europe) from material provided by INFORSE-Europe and ECO-forum Energy and Climate Group's organisations.
Update 2002 and since. (online only).

Project report supported by the Danish Environmental Support Fund to CEE and EU-DG11. Update supported by Forum for Energy and Development.
The publication and the database, which was developed in 2009-10 are available online.

  Renewable Energy and a Sustainable Development in a "liberalised" Energy Market
Includes several countries of the European Union and California, USA.
1997, 67 pages. Shortened translated version from Danish.
By Gunnar Boye Olesen (OVE-Europe), Stefan Brendstrup (CASA), Niels I. Meyer (DTU; Technical University of Denmark)
Project report supported by the Danish Energy Agency.
  "Guidelines for Estimation of Renewable Energy Potentials, Barriers and Effects including case studies of Poland and Slovakia”, 1996, 1997, 67 pages. See page on sustainable energy planning.
By Gunnar Boye Olesen (OVE-Europe), Emil Bedi (FAE Slovakia, PKE-Poland in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe.
Project report supported by the EU-Phare Program.

INFORSE Brochure, 2 pages
>> English (2015, pdf file)
>> Spanish (2015 pdf file)
>> French (2015 pdf file).

The descriptions available in other languages.
See flags on the INFORSE index page.

  INFORSE-Europe Brochure 2 pages
>> English (2015, pdf file)
>> Spanish (2015 pdf file)
>> French (2015 pdf file)
>> Russian (2012 pdf file)

The description is available in other languages.
See flags on the INFORSE-Europe index page.
  INFORSE Sustainable Energy Vision Brochure, 2 pages
>> English (Updated in December 2012, pdf file 391 kB) (updated with new address, 2012)