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Vision2050 for Ukraine

The INFORSE Vision2050 for Ukraine was developed in cooperation with REA, Ukraine with support from the Danish Outdoor Council.

In the Vision2050 for Ukraine, INFORSE designed energy sector scenarios through 2050 to estimate possibilities for sustainable development. The vision is based on official national forecasts for the development of Ukrainian economy and data from the draft Ukrainian Energy strategy for the period till 2030.

In contrast to provisions of Ukraine's draft Energy strategy, Vision2050 for Ukraine assumes development of Ukrainian energy sector on technological and technical basis equal to the EU ones. Due to the large role that high energy-consuming industry plays in Ukraine's economy, it was difficult to design a scenario that leads to a complete phase-out of fossil and nuclear energy by 2050. A detailed description of the Vision can be found here. (pdf 151 kB)

The Vision 2050 for Ukraine was presented at the international conference "Non-Conventional Energy in the 21st Century". Scientific and commercial organizations that are involved in the renewable energy sector received copies of the Vision document, which was well-received.

A slide show of Vision2050 for Ukraine's energy industry was made during a 2003 Pan-European seminar at the Center for Alternative Technologies in Wales. Further information about the seminar, and a copy of the powerpoint presentation, can be found on the Wales seminar website.

An official presentation of Vision2050 for Ukraine was made in Kiev on December 17th, 2003 at the international conference "Energy Efficiency 2003".

Under an initiative of EkoInform publishing house, Vision2050 for Ukraine was translated into Polish and published in a booklet for the Ukrainian delegation to the annual fair “Poleko 2003” in Poznan, 2003.

The presentation can be downloaded here. (pdf 331 kB)

Publications and Website
An article on Vision2050 for Ukraine was published in “Zelena Energetyka” (“Green Energy”) magazine in 2003.

The full text of the Vision is also available at in English and Ukrainian.