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Distance Internet Education on Renewable Energy Technology

DIERETDIERETNote: The DIERET education stopped in 2011.
The text material is still available free on the internet, but you cannot make a course.
The reason is that there is no funding for the work to make the course. We presently looking for funding for update the material.
Comments, ideas for funding opportunities are welcome.

A Post-graduate Program

The DIERET was a freely available educational program in the period of 1999-2010. There was a set of questions to which the students had to answer after they have read the study material. The answers were evaluated by the Secretariat. The study course was running in electronic form without any paper except that on which the certificate was issued by INFORSE Secretariat to the graduates of the course.

The text material is still available:
The 300 pages of digital course material include 450 illustrations in five modules: Why Renewables?; Solar Energy; Biomass Energy; Hydro Power; Wind Energy; Alternative Fuels for Transportation (New in 2006), and Annex Chapters: Organizing and Policy Making, and Units.

Why could Attend?
Attending the course was an opportunity for member organisations to update their knowledge on the current state of renewable technology and their utilization. The course also helped NGO members use reliable arguments in campaigns and lobbying for sustainable energy development as well as in advising people on how to use renewables. The course was offered free.

DIERET in EnglishEnglish Version:
Original version was coordinated by Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe / FAE Slovakia
Web site:

and >> START

A new updated version is under way. Soon it will be online in 2024.

Version in Ukrainian in 2023 !

The Ukrainian version is at





DIERET in RussianVersion in Russian, Slovak and Albanian
- In 2003-04, the material was translated to Russian and Albanian from the support of the Danish Outdoor Council's Small Project Fund. In 2003-04, the first groups of the Russian and the Albanian DIERET students completed their studies and received certificates. The 45 students that finished the Russian DIERET were from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. 24 students completed the Albanian vers
- In 2007, the Russian material was used in Kazakhstan in the framework of a GEF Kazak, cooperation project by INFORSE members (REA and Ecomuseum).


- Russian Version:
INFORSE member organisation, Renewable Energy Agency (REA), Ukraine
Description: Web link:

- Slovakian Version:
INFORSE-Europe Coordinator/ FAE Slovakia
Why and Renewables
and transport:

- Albanian Version:
Albanian version is not online.
Contact: Albanian Ecological Club, Attn. Ali Eltari