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Rio+20 Rio+20, UNCSD, June 13-23, 2012,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)


Rio20 Conference entre
Rio+20 Sustainable Energy exhibition
Rio+20 Conference
Rio+20 opening
Rio+20 Conference

What is UNCSD & UNCED and Rio+20?

The Rio+20 is short "nick name" for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD).
It is called Rio+20 as it is the 20th anniversary conference of
the United Nations Conference on Environment
and Development (UNCED)
also known as "Earth Summit" in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.

INFORSE was formed at the NGO "Global Forum" parallel to the UNCED Conference in 1992
and since then the network participated in several follow up conferences.

The UNCED was a momentous event for the environment. Three agreements were met: Agenda 21
(sustainable development), the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the
Statement of Forest Principles
. Importantly, it calls on States to not delay climate mitigation strategies
in light of scientific uncertainty because of the threat of irreversible damage.

Underneath, you can read about INFORSE's activities concerning Rio+20. Among others INFORSE:
- made evaluation of the outcome
- submitted opinion on the Rio+20 Consultation
- participated with several people at the Conference and followed the negotiations at the pre-conference
organised Side Event together with HELIO
- exhibited at the NGO Pavilion
- participated in the Caucus of the NGO Major Group and the Women Major Group

INFORSE'øs Opinion on Rio+20

INFORSE evaluation on Rio+20 - June 26 2012 - pdf file

INFORSE's Evaluation of the Rio+20 Outcome
Read the Analysis and comments (pdf file pdf file).

INFORSE opinion on Rio+20 - November 2012 - pdf file
INFORSE's Opinion on Rio+20 NGO Consultation
Read the opinion submitted on 1.11.2011: (pdf file pdf file)
Link to INFORSE's submission on the Rio+20 official web site.
INFORSE Side Event

INFORSE HELIO Side event Rio+20

INFORSE-HELIO side event at Rio+20

"Green Energy for Green Economy"
Date: June 19, 2012, Time: 17.30-19.00
Place: RioCentro, Room T-5

- Maryse Labriet, France/Spain (HELIO) on the TIPPE tool for decision-makers
- Hazel Henderson, USA (Ethical Markets) on markets to promote renewable energy
- Gunnar Boye Olesen, Denmark INFORSE-Europe /VE) on transition to renewable energy
- Raymond Myles, India (INFORSE South Asia / INSEDA) on sustainable energy access

Read the detailed Side Event Proceedings

"Sustainable Energy News"on Rio

Special Rio+20 Issue of INFORSE's Newsletter
"Sustainable Energy News"
Download as pdf file from:
Issue 73, June 2012
Articles include:
- Rio+20 - What to Expect?
- Access to Energy for All - the Sustainable Way
- Rio+20 from Women's Perspectives
- Transition to Sustainable Energy: Progress in Europe
- 20th Anniversary of INFORSE
in Rio

INFORSE Members at Rio
INFORSE Group at Rio+20  - INFORSE exhibition
Several members of INFORSE participated at Rio+20.
Among the participants were:
- Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe coordinator and VE, Denmark
- Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE-Europe and Sustainable Energy News
- Raymond Myles, INFORSE-South Asia coordinator, INSEDA, India,
- Secou Sarr, INFORSE West Africa Coordinator, ENDA, Senegal
- Finn Tobiesen, Bjarke Rambøll from Sustainable Energy Denmark
- Hamid Taybo, ADEL-Sofala, Mozambique, and
- Representatives of members including AIWC (India), WAFD (India), HELIO international (France), MAMA-86 (Ukraine), and Sidki Uyar from Eurosolar-Turkey.

The INFORSE group picture was made at the INFORSE's exhibition at the NGO Side Event Pavilion.
INFORSE at Demonstration
Rio+20 Anti-nuce demo

Anti-nuke Demonstration at RioCentro

- On June 22, 2012, a colourful anti-nuke demonstration took place at the Rio+20 Conference building. The demonstration was initiated because the environmental NGOs were deeply frustrated that the Rio+20 outcome document is not addressing the environmental and health problems of nuclear power and mining.

On the photo:
- Text on the poster: "Shift from Nuclear Power to Green Energy"
- Text on the yellow bag "Nuclear Energy No Thanks" in Japanese and German
- The demonstrators were chanting "For Our Children: Nuclear Free World"

The Demonstration was organised by the Japanese Environmental NGOs, and was joined by the Women's Major Group and several other NGOs like INFORSE.

NGO Major Groups Statements
NGO Major Group
INFORSE contributed to the work of the NGO Major Group

Read the NGO Major Group Statement at the Plenary Opening
delivered by Wael Hmaidan, CAN (Statement pdf file).
Watch the video at the UN WebTV.
Rio+20 Women's major group statement

Women's Major Group
INFORSE contributed to the work of the Women Major Group.

Read the Women's Major Group Statement at the Plenary Opening
delivered by Hala Yousry, Egypt (Statement pdf file).
Watch the video at UN Web TV.
- More: Women Major Group Side Events, Final Statement after the Conference etc. at the Women Major Group under the web site of WECF and at women-rio20.ning

The Future ..
Rio20 The Future We Want

The Future We Don't Want

The Future We Dread
More than 1,000 organisations and individuals have signed in only one day a petition called "The Future We Don't Want"
INFORSE at a Preparation Conference

Preparation Rio+20 Conference: UNRISD, Geneva, October 10, 2011

INFORSE participated in the UN - Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) conference ''Green Economy and Sustainable Development - Bringing Back the Social Dimension'' on October 10th, 2011.
This event was a precursor to the Rio +20 scheduled for the beginning of June 2012. The Conference had a strong attendance from the academic and NGO fields. Governmental and business sectors were noticeably absent but that is to be expected. Though many of the studies and ideas put forward had an every echo from the Rio 1992 discussions, some progressively new positions
were introduced. Lessons were learned from policies and implementations gone wrong or otherwise needing systemic alterations.
Predominantly two things were made very clear: Local knowledge must be a prerequisite for any climate mitigation solution, and should ideally be sourced and maintained through stakeholder dialogues on a regular basis. Second, dominant socio-economic models that prevailed during the 20th century are
clearly inadequate to deal with the challenges we now face. It is quite clear that the time for making unfilled promises needs to end abruptly.

All solutions must come equally from local ideas supported by strong regional, national and international policies--the so-called 'glocalization' movement. This is not the same as think global act local. Rather it is much more ambitious. It is more like act local and demonstrate various success stories, and this will
in turn drive global decision-making to act.

Read Report from the Conference by Kyle Stuart Herman. (pdf file)
Read Proceedings of the UNRISD

The Official Conference Sites:
- Rio +20 UNCSD, June 2012
- Rio+20 Dialogue
- UNRISD, Geneva, October 10, 2011
- Rio Earth Summit 1992

Other Rio +20 Sites (unofficial):
- People's Summit
- Outreach Newsletter /Stakeholder Forum
- Earth Summit
- Road to Rio Plus
- Youth Ideas

Read more on INFORSE at the Rio Process Conferences:
- Renewable Energy Conference, BIREC, 2005, Beijing, China
- Renewable'04 Conference, 2004, Bonn Germany
- WSSD, 2002, Johannesburg
- UNCED,1992, Rio de Janeiro

See INFORSE's Participation at UNFCCC COPs:
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP24 in Katowice, Poland, 2018
- INFORSE at UNFCCC SB48, in Bonn, Germany, April 30-May 10, 2018
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP23 in Bonn/Fiji, 2017
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, 2016
- INFORSE at UNFCCC SBI44 PreCOP22 in Bonn, Germany, 2016
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris, France, 2015.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC SBI42 Pre COP 21 in Bonn, Germany, 2015
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 20 in Lima, Peru, 2014.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland, 2013.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 18 in Doha, Qatar, 2012.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 17 in Durban, South Africa 2011.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 16 in 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 15 in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
- INFORSE's Position Paper on Climate Change (INFORSE's Position pdf file 99kB) at the start of COP15, 7 December, 2009.
- INFORSE's brief analysis of the outcome of COP15 (INFORSE's Analysis pdf file 64 kB), 21 December, 2009.
- INFORSE at COP14 in 2008 in Poznan, Poland.

See other INFORSE participation at UN Conference