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logo of INFORSE Logo of UNFCCC COP14 Poznan

United Nations Climate Change Conference
December 1-12 2008, Poznan, Poland

INFORSE in Poznan
INFORSE participated in Poznan as NGO observer with the largest delegation so far (12 persons are delegated by INFORSE). INFORSE is among the 150 exhibitors and organises a side-event together with WECF in the Environmental NGO's (ENGO) room.


INFORSE Activities at Poznan

INFORSE Pictures from COP14

December 1-12


INFORSE Exhibition & Information Booth
Posters! Brochures & Newsletters!
Manual on sustainable energy solutions in
South Asia how to reduce poverty !
Brand new NGO report on Climate Policy in new EU countries in CEE.
Join Online Education
The way to the Zero Carbon Scenario by 2050 or already by 2030!
Pictures of INFORSE exhibition at COP14

NFORSE-WECF Side Event, COP14 Poznan
December 6,
18:00 - 19:30
Side Event of INFORSE & WECF
Sustainable Energy & CC Policies:
Poverty Reduction in Asia & EECCA.
Zero Carbon Scenario in EU
- Successes to reduce poverty, new manuals for development solutions with less GHG in South Asia, sustainable energy visions / scenarios for North.
- Exchange of views among NGOs, EECCA governments & UN on capacity building, role of women, technology transfer, UNFCCC mechanisms, human rights.
Program (pdf 60 kB)
Program, and presentations' handouts can be downloaded as pdf files at Proceedings INFORSE-COP14, at UNFCCC 's list of side event. A review is at WECF.
INFORSE-Europe included:

December 4,

Side Event of REC CEE
Climate Policy in CEE and Turkey
The program included an INFORSE-Europe presentation on
Sustainable Energy Scenarios in CEE with focus on Bulgaria to Mitigate Climate Change.
Presentation handout (pdf file)
Read more: REC
INFORSE Members' Activities:
December 1
EU Pavilion

Side Events of Life e.V. & GenderCC
Gender Justice in Climate Change Policy
More: GendeCC
December 5 - Conference
9:30 - 17:30
Mercure Hotel

December 9 -Sde event

December 11 9:00 - 9:30
Action: Emissions Down - Women' Rights Up
9-9.30 Next to the Entrance
December 1-12

December 8
Side event of HELIO International
Indicators to adaptation projects that reinforce energy system resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa.
More: Helio
INFORSE-Europe at Econcern Sustainable Energy Event
Parallel with COP14 in Poznan
December 5 13:00-15:00 WTC Theme Day: Renewable Energy
Vision: Europe 100% renewable in 2050
Paul Allen, CAT, UK / INFORSE-Europe (pdf file)
Henrik Lund, Aalborg University
Kristian Petrick, Ecofys Spain
NGO Action - Public Apeal

December 10
    INFORSE is among the 300 NGOs, which signed a public appeal to keep the nuclear power option out of the climate talks. More: nuclear .
Plenary COP14 Poznan
Bear: No coins: It's change I needEU Where are You?

INFORSE’s delegation of NGO observers:

- European Coordinators and Board:
Gunnar Boye Olesen, (OVE/92 Group, Denmark),
Emil Bedi (FAE, Slovakia), Paul Allen (CAT, UK), Ursel Beckmann (WB, Germany),
Andrej Konechenkov (REA, Ukraine).

- Asia & Africa Coordinators and Focal Points:
Raymond Myles (INSEDA, India), Farida Hussain (AIWC, India), M. Ba (ENDA Senegal), Roque Pedace (Rejima, Argentina), Lumin Kumar Shrestha (CRT, Nepal).

- Sustainable Energy News:
Judit Szoleczky, editor

Other INFORSE Members at Poznan:
Beside the INFORSE’s accredited 12-person delegation, several members are also participating on their own:

- Exhibition and side events on gender organised by Life e.V. (Germany) at GENDERCC (see above).
- Side events organised by Helio International (France) (See above).
- Exhibition by ENDA (Senegal), and GERES (France).
Other INFORSE member organisations representations, among others, were:
Olga Senova (FB, Russia), Alda Ozola (LGM, Latvia), Earthlife Africa (South Africa), and EREF (Belgium).

INFORSE is also one of the coordinators of CURES, which also held a side event.

Climate Change - The Negotiations
INFORSE's Views. Copy of article in Sustainable Energy News, October 2008.

Strong Evidence vs Slow Progress
In spite of the increasing evidence of harmful climate change, negotiations are progressing only slowly toward an international agreement on post-2012 climate policies.
If a meaningful international climate agreement is to be in place by 2012, it is crucial that progress be made at the COP/MOP in Poznan, Poland, December 1-12, 2008. The agreement at the 2007 COP/MOP in Bali of a 25-40% reduction of CO2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2020 in industrialized countries is only adequate to prevent harmful climate change if the target is a firm 40%; anything less will keep emissions too high.

Negotiators Tasks to Do
The task facing negotiators in Poznan must be to translate the conclusions from Bali into agreements among all countries willing to take climate change seriously.
The agreements must lead to real, substantial reductions in emissions, not just more trading of hot air.
Further, they must be based on reductions of emissions of energy use and industries, not mixing them with land-use change or (other) sinks.
The strong greenhouse gases must have their own reduction agreement, not allowing reduction projects of these gases to get windfall profits from participating in the same mechanisms as other projects.
Agreements to reduce emissions from energy and industry must be followed by an agreement addressing land-use change and deforestation. The net emissions from deforestation's etc. not only have to be stopped, they also have to be reversed, such that land-use globally very quickly becomes a sink and not a source of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Positive Proposals
There are several positive proposals in the recent official negotiations in Bonn and Accra, such as South Africa’s proposed vision for the reduction and subsequent reversal of global emissions within a decade and, later, reductions in South Africa. Also positive is Norway’s proposal to address global shipping by allocating emissions to the owners of the ships. The EU countries have shown significant initiative in their stated willingness to reduce emissions by 30% by 2020 as part of an international agreement. These are some of the proposals that could build up success at the negotiations in Poznan and in 2009 in Copenhagen.

Watering Down Attempts
Unfortunately, there are many attempts to water down the potential outcome of the negotiations in Poland from all parts of the world, including Poland itself. There are proposals to introduce hot air of various kinds, to let uncertain sinks replace emissions, directly or via various trading systems, to let nuclear power replace more sustainable projects in CDM, and many others. In the middle of December we will know whether Poznan was a positive step towards the negotiations in Copenhagen or simply two weeks wasted on toothless international negotiations.

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INFORSE's delegates travel is supported by the Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment, EU DG Environment operational grant for INFORSE-Europe, the Swedish Acid Rain Secretariat and Henrich Böll Foundation.

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