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Your World Your Choice / Eich Byd Eich Dewis- CD Rom

West Wales ECO Centre
(INFORSE member)
(not available anymore)
age group
11 to 14

When did you last: buy new trainers, send a text, eat a burger, or flush the toilet? Whether you know it or not, everything you do effects everyone and everything in the world around you. Today we will all make choices about how we spend our time and money; what we’ll eat and drink; what we’ll use, keep or throw away. All these choices combine to create the world we’ll be living in for the years to come... That's YOUR world.

This CD looks at the stories behind these everyday choices, it asks questions, provides some facts and offers points of view - but only YOU have the answers. To find out more, follow a topic and see where it takes you. Whether you’re surfing or searching for information, we hope you’ll find out something about the world you live in today. As for the world you’ll live in tomorrow… That’s YOUR choice.

Acid rain, Adopt a beach, Air pollution, Alternative fuel, Atmosphere, Bag it & bin it, Biodiversity, Biogas, Bleach, Celts, Chips, Chip power, Climate, Compost, Down your toilet, Extinction, Fair trade, Farmer’s markets, Fashion, Fast food, Flavours, Fat, Fishing, Flush, Food energy, Food miles, Fossil fuel, Girl’s business, Globalisation, Gm foods, Goodbye rubbish, Humans & farming, Chicken nuggets, Organic?, Organic farming, Ozone layer, Paper, Pets, Phones and the web, Plastics, Pollution -water, litter, oil, radiation, chernobyl, noise, light, Population, Recycling facts, The 3 “r’s”, Recycling waste, Recycling locally, Recycling plastic, Resources, Save energy, Spending money, Top10 shopping tips, Transport, Tropical rainforests, Underfed:overfed, Vegetarian issues, Water, What’s the beef, Wildlife, Wind power, Wrap it up!, Your planet

A ‘surfable’ resource - this CD enables pupils to find information to help them make informed choices about their everyday lives. Below are sample screens.

sample screen

sample screen



This English / Welsh CD costs £5 / €7.24 but is FREE to INFORSE members

Postage and packing of € 3 only