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Voyage through Energy

 Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE, within the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce)

Madera 8,
28004 Madrid, Spain.
Ph: +34 91 456 49 00

age group
 8-15 years old
“Voyage through Energy” is an educational website on the rational use of energy and the use of renewable energy sources.
To provide information, training and knowledge as well as suggesting possible responses and actions that can help to raise and increase awareness in the society about the challenges ahead to be faced.

 You will find animations, videos, tests, chats, games, schemes...all about energy!! (not available anymore)

Voyage through Energy
(Game is not available anymore)

This voyage takes place within a natural park divided into 6 areas, players have to go through each of them. A special character called Professor “Efi” will guide and help players during the journey while teaching them about different issues related to each zone.
Description and Evaluation

Players can find the following areas:

1. The Wisdom Tree: Puts forward the overall problematic of energy demand, production and future supply.

2. Conventional Energy Sources: Detailed information and technical data about the different traditional energy sources.

3. Renewable Energy Sources: Detailed information and technical data about the different renewable energy sources.

4. Household and City Energy Uses: Three games available to bring up the importance of energy efficiency measures and rational energy use when building houses, purchasing appliances, choosing public transport or using private vehicles, etc. The games are “Triple R: reduce, recycle and reuse”, “Crazy Traffic System” and “Professor Efi’s House”.

5. Watiopolis: A renewables versus conventional energies game designed for players to assume the role of citizens to plan their local energy policy.

6. Professor Efi’s Workshop: module not available on-line.

7. Laboratory: Additional teaching material about the different activities and practical projects to be carried out within the Educational Centres. Useful Web links for further information, etc.

As it is a learning-by-playing based website, the game takes place on-line.The journey through energy offers a fun, expressive and above all interactive and participatory message. Available whether 2D or 3D.