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ICE-Cubasolar International Conference
Education,Energy & Sustainable Development

Institute of Education Sciences (ICE)
University of Santiago, Galicia, Spain

ICE - University of Santiago de Compostela
Campus sur, Avda. das Ciencias, Chalé 3
15782 Santiago,
Galicia, Spain

age group
Date: 28-30 June 2005.
Place: Secondary School “Rosalia Castro”, Santiago,Galicia,Spain
The Santiago International Conference on Energy Education was held in 2005, where more than 200 participants from different education levels and countries shared their experiences and research.

The ICE Director, the Head of the Galician Institute of Energy (INEGA) and the Head of the Galician Directorate for teacher training opened the event.

Prof. Emilio Menéndez, from the Autonomous University of Madrid, presented the first lecture about the conflicts caused by the unequal distribution of energy resources worldwide.

During the first and the third days of the conference there were a wide variety of activities on offer: 11 workshops, 40 communications exercises, 2 round table meetings and 6 plenary lectures. The second day involved a long environmental trail; in order to visit different utilities related to the Galician energy sector: Sotavento experimental wind farm, ENDESA Power station and open air lignite mine, and the Energy House of As Pontes village.

With special interest, the participants followed the practical workshops about solar cooking, the solar house, the solar schools Spanish network (Greenpeace), renewable energies low cost machines…. as well as the plenary lecture on the third day about “Energy Education in Cuba. Realities and Perspectives”, where the Cuban teacher Prof. Juan Fundora did a clear analysis of the difficulties and challenges, that Cubans must face in their future energy usage.

Before the final publication of the proceedings Professors J. Mendoza (Santiago University) and A. Grass (Alacant University) are going to set up a web site to display the articles and works presented. Anyone interested, please contact Professor D. José Mendoza (ICE, Santiago University):

One of the main outputs of this conference is the decision to enhance our cooperation with the Pedagogical Institute “Enrique José Varona” at La Habana Pedagogical University in order to implement the common activities signed in our scientific agreement.

The next event was at La Habana Pedagogical University - in “Ciudad Libertad” campus, in 2006. Tthe Cuban organisers are: Profs Mario Arrastía and Juan Fundora, e-mail:, .


The web site of the conference: in English: (not available anymore)

Description and Evaluation