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Climate Caravan



"Energy Services"
Energy and Environment Advisory Office
Tel. +45 70 333 777

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
Danish Society for Nature Conservation
Masnedøgade 20
2100 København Ø
Tel. +45 39 17 40 00
Fax: 39 17 41 41

age group
 Students from 14 to 16 years old and their teachers.
Climate changes, energy saving, renewables - and how to teach it.

The idea behind the project is to change the way the subject of climate change is taught in Danish schools! - Climate was seen earlier solely as a science subject. The idea is to give the teachers a new entry to the topic, a debate and a political angle, and to let the science be the background and part of the solution. Since 2007 the Climate Caravan brings the message out to every region of Denmark, visiting schools and creating local debate. Read more here (pdf file 90 kb) December 2009.


Climate Caravan

Climate Summit Game (English Version)
Climate summit role-play game Teachers guide ( pdf 88 kB)
Climate summit game - Student hand outs ( pdf 304 kB)

The Climate Caravan's debate magazine for pupils (Danish)

The Climate Caravan - on the way to a better future (2007) ( pdf 3.5 MB in Danish)

1. Six degrees - an other world
2.Weather and climate on earth
3. Climate changes - from the Cretaceous Period to the future
4. Greenhouse consequences - mixed blessings
5. Worlds energy consumption
6. How much energy are you using?
7. Which solutions should we choose?
8. It runs for DTU Dynamo
9. You can make a difference too
10. Laws
11. Climate in your municipality
12. The whole World has to work together
13. Join the Climate Summit


The Climate Caravan 2 - make a difference (2008) ( pdf 6.8 MB in Danish)

1. The Danish nature changes with the climate
2. Loosers and winners in the Climate Battle
3. Poor people in the world - the innocent climate victims
4. Less nature, more CO2 and less poverty
5. The arctic dilemma
6. The atmosphere - our fragile common property
7. Hunting clean energy
8. Fleeing from the climate changes
9. Energy from the field
10. Climate friendly living
11. One ton total
12. Can the municipality handle the climate?
13. The world is moving - and it costs
14. The climate is global
15. Why are we trading warm air
16. From Kyoto to COP15 - and on


The Climate Caravan’s 13 activities:

• Energy & CO2 Consumption in your Room
• Energy & CO2 in your Household
• Climate Actions in your School
• Letter to the Local Community
• Climate Summit - Role Play Game
• Climate Journalists
• Energy in your Kitchen
• Debate Meeting Preparations
• CO2 and the Carbon Cycle
• Technical Solutions
• Renewable Energy in an Integrated System
• Transportation in the Future
• How to Supply yourself with Energy without Fossil Fuels

Description and Evaluation

The website offered all activities on-line in 2007-2010. The new website includes all instruction guidelines (pdf) and video materials enabling schools to carry out their own Climate Caravan Day. Most of the materials are in Danish, but some of the material are in English.