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The Bet for the Climate

organisation castellano.htm (Spain) (Germany) (Italy) (not available anymore) (Denmark) (Holland) (Switzerland) (not available anymore) (Portugal) (not available anymore)

The BET European Office
The BET Co-ordinating Office
Rothenburgstraße 16
12165 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 79706610
F:+49 30 79706620

age group
14-18 years old
Climate Change
To promote a new attitude: think globally and act locally. Especially regarding with climate change and environmental issues

Seminars, workshops, etc.

During the campaign the participants should revise the consumption in their centers and even in their houses with the final goal of reducing them, and so, to fulfill “the bet”.
Description and Evaluation
"The Bet for the Climate” is a European educational program that aims to inform students about the climate change, and after assuming what this implies, to become conscious of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and of saving energy, and also, to demand political decisions about this. “The Bet” shows to youth the practical tools and desirable attitudes to contribute positively to better the relation between society and environment. To do so your school or association needs to enroll the program and “bet” that you can reduce by 8% of the previous year CO2 emission. The program has teacher-guides to follow all the requirements and succeed with the main goals! The website has also a lot of information on climate change: links, news, and articles. And if you have any question you can even consult on-line.
In Spain in 2002, 50.000 pupils participated in this initiative! You will also find information about the schools involved, photos, experiences and so much material on the websites.