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Practical examples

The Danish Schools Energy Forum (old),
att. Janus Hendrichsen
age group
10 -15
The Danish Schools Energy Forum has collected a number of practical examples of energy education from Denmark. The examples are describing how pupils have been involved with renewable energy technologies, i.e. solar thermal, solar PV, wind and biomass energy. MORE
Various - cardboard boxes, tubes, plastic etc.

Pictures of the practical examples:

solar thermal panels    solar thermal panels   solar thermal

model windmill   windmill   windmill


Example of a Danish primary school Soendermarksskolen, Frederiksberg, Denmark.
(two classes existing of pupils with learning difficulties). Year: June 2004.
About 20 children participated in the theme days.
Age group: 14-16
Outcome: To make the children more aware of what sustainable energy is and what we can do with it.
Resources: Solar cells, miniature light bulbs, wires, diverse wood planks
Task: A part of two school classes made small houses with electric installations, powered by solar cells. The other part of the classes measured their walking speed, the speed of small cars, driven by hydrogen. They also made keepers of the solar cells, so they would have a better angle towards the sun, to make them more efficient.
Evaluation: The children’s products functioned well, but unfortunately they could not test it with true solar energy, because the sun wasn’t shinning, therefore they had to use lamps. The teachers had planed a presentation evening, where the families could come and see what the pupils had made and especially the pupils’ brothers and sisters were very interested in the cars.

Pictures showing the woodwork, the ready houses and the presentation evening:



The activities are presented through the Danish Schools Energy Forum:, and partly through ESEEF, (not available anymore). Many teachers find it easier to start new activities, when they have seen them described and presented.

Read SEF article in SEN #29, 2000, (2 pages, 70 kB pdf file)