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General Description, Activities, Action Plans & Publications

INFORSE- Europe is one of the 7 regions of the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), which is a worldwide NGO network formed at the Global Forum at the Earth Summit (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

INFORSE has more than 145 member organisations worldwide and works for implementation of sustainable energy solutions by exchange of information, awareness creation, formulation and implementation of strategies, and lobbying of international forums.

INFORSE-Europe has 85 members from 35 countries, which are detailed in our online membership list. Since 2002, INFORSE-Europe has been operating as a seperate economic entity. The Bylaws were adopted in 1994 and revised in 2005.

Read also: INFORSE-Europe brochure: (2 pages, 2.2 MB pdf)
. and INFORSE brochure: (2 pages, 1,9 MB pdf)

INFORSE became 30-year old in 2022, See the 30-year anniversary issue of Sustainable Energy News (SEN). (SEN 86, 2.0 MB pdf)

INFORSE became 25-year old in 2017, INFORSE- Europe celebrated the 25-year anniversary at a Seminar at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. See also the 25-year anniversary issue of Sustainable Energy News (SEN). (SEN 81, 2.4 MB pdf)

INFORSE became 15-year old in 2007. INFORSE- Europe celebrated the 15-year anniversary at the Seminar at the Danish renewable-energy island Samsø. See 15-year Theme in Sustainable Energy News: "Rio 2002-Samsø 2007", "15 years good work for our world". (1,2 MB pdf file).

INFORSE is a meeting place for NGOs working on grassroots level as well as on national, regional and international levels, all united on a common strategy for a long- term sustainable development with phasing out of nuclear and fossil energy use.

The INFORSE network is facilitating practical and political exchange of experiences among NGOs, liaising with concerned multilateral agencies, creating political and public awareness, and seeking support for NGO activities.

INFORSE lobbies to promote sustainable energy solutions - renewable energy and energy efficiency - which utilise decentralised approaches. All activities seek to protect the environment, and to achieve development.

INFORSE Structure
The member organisations and the Regional Coordinator(s) organize regional meetings and initiatives including conferences, workshops, campaigns, and research projects. The regional meetings are the foundation of the network's democratic structure, with discussions of regional action plans and initiatives. The Coordinators work on regional action plans, secure regional focal-points of INFORSE and coordinate the INFORSE regions. The Coordinators also incorporate the views and initiatives of each region in the planning of the network's global activities.

INFORSE-Europe Structure:
INFORSE-Europe members elect the organisation's Coordinator(s) and Board at the General Meetings. All activities are conducted according to the INFORSE-Europe Bylaws and the INFORSE Charter. The Bylaws were adopted at the General Meeting in
1994 and modified in 2005.

INFORSE Activities:
INFORSE-Europe has been Campaign Associate to the EU Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Initiative. INFORSE's participated on the First Conference of the Campaign in 2005 (review), on the Sustainable Energy Week in 2007, and exhibited at EUSEW 2008, Brussels, January 28-February 1, 2008. INFORSE-Europe organised an event for the Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW'09) in February 2009, and at EUSEW 2011. Read more on the EU SE Campaign.

INFORSE-Europe Exhibited and/or organised side events alone or together with other NGOs in the last years including:
EUSEW 2023, EUSEW 2022, EUSEW 2020; EUSEW 2019 & EDD 2019; EUSEW 2018, Brussels (Event program EUSEW'18, pdf); EUSEW 2013, Brussels (EUSEW'13); EU Green Week May 2011, Brussels (GW'11); EU Green Week 2009, Brussels (GW'09); EUSEW 2008, Brussels, (EUSEW'08); Environmental Ministers' Meeting, Exhibition in cooperation with NN/SPARE, Belgrade, 2007 (Belgrade´07); RENEXPO, 2006, Ausburg, Germany. (RENEXPO'06); EU Green Week, May 29-June 3, 2005, Brussels, Belgium. (GW'05); World Sustainable Energy Days, Wels, Austria, 2005 (Wels'05); Bonn Renewables 2004 Conference, Exhibition together with CURES (Bonn´04).

INFORSE has Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC (since 1998) and UNFCCC (since 2002). Comments, workshops, statements, exhibitions are prepared for several United Nations or Ministerial events and their parallel NGO Forums including:

INFORSE-Europe's Annual Action Plans and Reports of Activities:
These Work Programmes and Annual Reports were adopted at INFORSE-Europe's General Meetings/Board.

INFORSE-Europe reviews and reports on EU Policy developments, active in the Pan-European level through the Eco-Forum, and organises Annual Seminars and EU Policy Seminars, etc.:

- 2021 August, European Sustainable Energy Seminar in Denmark. Read: Proceedings

- 2020 September 21 - 100 % Renewables. Read: Proceedings

- 2020 September 9 - Energy Communities. Read Proceedings

. 2020-2018 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview

- 2017 August, Denmark. Seminar Sustainable Energy Policy. (Read more at ASET project)
Place: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

- 2016 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview

- 2015 General Meeting, parallel to UNFCCC COP21 in Paris
- 2015 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview

- 2015 August, Romania Sustainable Energy in Practice Seminar. See: Program/Brochure
- 2014 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview

- 2013 November 16, General Meeting at UNFCCC COP19, Warsaw, Poland
- 2013 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview

- 2012 Public Debates on EU Energy Policy in Denmark. Overview
- 2011 August 22-26, Hamburg, See: Program/Proceedings, (General Meeting'11)

- 2010 October 5, 6-8, CAT, Wales, UK, Seminar Proceedings
- 2010 April 27, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar Proceedings

- 2009 November, Artefact, Germany
Seminar Program/Proceedings (General Meeting'09)
- 2009 October, CAT, Wales, UK, Seminar
- 2009 April 28, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar Program & Proceedings

- 2008 October 13-15, Paris, France Seminar Program/Proceedings
- 2008 August 16-18, CAT, Wales, UK, UK Energy 21 Seminar Program, Proceedings
- 2008 April 8, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar, Proceedings

- 2007 October 1-5, Samso Island, Denmark, Sustainable Energy Seminar & Tour (General Meeting'07)
- 2007 March 20, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar, Proceedings
- 2007 October-December National Activities including Seminars in Poland, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Macedonia.

- 2006
September, Solta, Croatia, Proceedings
- 2006 March 29, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar, Proceedings

- 2005 September, Romania: Proceedings + General Meeting'05
- 2005 August, Solta, Croatia, Proceedings
- 2005 June, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar, Proceedings

- 2004 November, Budmerice, Slovakia, Proceedings
- 2004 November, Brussels, EU Policy Seminar, Proceedings
- 2004 August, Spain, Proceedings + Reader

- 2003 CAT, Wales, UK, Proceedings of Seminar '03
- 2002 Brussels, Belgium, Proceedings of Seminar '02
- 2001 Denmark, (with Folkecenter, WISE and CNE), Proceedings of Seminar '01
- 1998 Aarhus, Denmark (with NGO events to the Environmental Ministers Conference)
- 1997 Budmerice, Slovakia (with Foundation of Alternative Energy)
- 1996 Copenhagen, Denmark with the 'City as Organism' conference
- 1995 Budmerice, Slovakia (with Foundation for Alternative Energy)
- 1994 Deister, Germany (with Energie- und Umweltszentrum am Deister)
- 1993 Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark
- 1992 Madrid, Spain (with AEDENAT, before AWEC Alternative World Energy Conference)
- 1991 Virtsu, Estonia (with The Estonian Green Movement)
- 1990 Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark