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INFORSE-Europe Sustainable Energy NGO Seminar in Denmark
August 17-21, 2021

INFORSE-Europe Seminar 2021 August 17-21
INFORSE-Europe organized a one-week European NGO Seminar at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark on August 17-20, 2021.

The Seminar focuses on transition to sustainable energy, community power and development of ideas for how we can push forward with new initiatives and projects. In the program there are presentations, workshops and Guided Tour at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and its windmill test station, two Guided Bus Tours in the area to see energy communities with wind, solar, biogas, heat pumps, and the the world's biggest and smallest windmills.
After the Seminar, INFORSE-Europe has its General Meeting on August 21, 2021.
Download: -- Brochure and Detailed Program (Version 4, pdf) -- Online Part of the Program August 17-20, 2021 (pdf)
PROCEEDINGS (pdf files under upload)
Energy Transition Day (17 December)

Energy Transition:
How far are we? What can we expect from European New Green Deal and other European policies? Progress on national level, new developments with the corona crisis. Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe (GBO-INFORSE pdf file 0.7MB)
Limits of the current policies and the blind spots in policy-making for sustainable energy, by professor Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University, Denmark (FH-AAU pdf file, 0.7 MB)

Progress in Sustainable Energy Solutions:

Energy Efficiency and Ecodesign in Europe, by Gunnar Boye Olesen, (GBO-INFORSE pdf file, 0.9 MB)
Solar Energy, Local Power and Heating in Germany, by Ursel Beckmann, Ecoact (UB-Ecoact pdf file, 0.9MB)

Energy Communities Day (18 December)

The Future of Energy Communities in European Countries:

- Introduction; Short history of energy communities, large potentials by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe (GBO-INFORSE pdf file, 0.7 MB)
- The distinct benefits of diverse citizen ownership models for onshore wind farms and district heating systems. Insights from Denmark and Sweden by Leire Gorrono Albizu, Mondragon University, Spain (PhD, Aalborg University, Denmark) online (LG pdf, 2 MB)
- European legislation for energy communities: directives, changes with Green Deal / For for 55, guidelines for state aid, important coming steps to look out for. by Antonia Proka, RESCOOP, - online (AP-RESCOOP pdf file, 2.6 MB)

Experiences and Examples of Energy Communities:
Danish Recent Experiences with Community Owned Energy by Henning Bo Madsen, chair of INFORSE-Europe/VE, Denmark (HBM-INFORSE pdf, 0.7MB)
- German Examples of Energy Communities' Successes and Challenges by Marilys Louvet and Marcela Norena Ospina, WECF-Germany (ML-MNO-WECF pdf file, 0.5 MB)
- Polish experiences and examples, by Zuzanna Sasiak, SEI, Polish Green Network Poland (ZS-PGN pdf file, 1 MB)
- Turkish examples, Establishing Energy Communities in Turkish Islands by Melis Yilmaz, Troya Environmental Association, Turkey (MY-Troya pdf, 0-9 MB)

Discussion: Our Experiences with Energy Communities, Guidelines for Success How to organise energy communities? When do they succeed and when not? Recommendations. (pdf file Recommendations result of goup work)

- Local experiences from the UK: Dorset Community Energy by Pete West (PW-pdf file, 1 MB)
- Local experiences in Poland: Ttransition of the coal region in Wielkopolska region by Agata Kuzminska; and new cooperative initiative in Krakow by Bartlomiej Weglarz.

Read More: INFORSE-Europe's web site on Power of Community Energy Project.

Municipalities and Local Authorities as Keys for the Transition:
How Covenant of Mayor’s drive the development? How municipalities in (Belarus and) Ukraine are leading transition? Danish / German green ambitions in municipalities.

- Danish Municipality of Ringkobing by Henning Donslund, online (pdf)
- Ukraine Municipality of Korosten cooperation at Covenant of Mayor and NGO REA by Olexendra Tryboi, REA, Ukraine (OT-REA pdf, 2.5 MB)
- Belarus Municipalities at Covenant of Mayors by Dima Burenkin - online.
- Local solutions to save electricity and heat and use renewable energy - Launch of Database, by Olexendra Tryboi, REA, Ukraine.
The Database is available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Link to database:
Read more: INFORSE-Europe's web site on
SELNEE Project.

International Cooperation:
- Global Climate Negotiations; North-South dialogue, eco-villages in the global south by Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE-Europe (JS-INFORSE pdf, 2.8 MB)
- Experiences from Uganda by Lumu Tonny Junior, Green Ambassador's Club of JEEP in Uganda. (LTJ-Uganda pdf, 2 MB)
Sufficiency Day (19 December)
Transition to Sustainable Energy with Energy Sufficiency, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy:
- Introduction of energy sufficiency as a third driver for the transition. Scenarios for the transition, in Western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine. Results of SELNEE Project.
- Experiences on how to make the energy and climate transition happen. The wicked problems we face and wicked solutions we can use -, from national scenarios such as Zero Carbon Britain to county and local plans, including what citizens and local grassroots groups can do by Paul Allen, CAT, UK. (PA-CAT-UK pdf, 3.9 MB)
- Energy sufficiency and energy transition in Denmark and EU by Gunnar Boye Olesen, (GBO-INFORSE pdf, 0.5 MB)
- Transition of Eastern European countries, Dima Buronkin INFORSE - Europe, Olexandra Tryboi, Renewable Energy Agency, Ukraine. (OT-REA Ukraine pdf 1.3MB)
GUIDED TOURS: Prospective Sustainable Energy Developments, Energy Communities:

Tour 1: Walking tour at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (NFRE) by Jane Kruse, NFRE

Tour 2: Bus tour: Osterild Off-shore wind test site, with the world’s biggest windmills, and exhibition at the visitor center; Snedsted solar district heating with solar thermal collector field of 6500 m2 of 512 panels; Small windmill Test Center of Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

Tour 3: Bus tour: Lemvig community biogas plant; Hvide Sande District Heating consumer owned cooperative, windmills at the beach, heat absorber for heat pump, combination with thermal solar; Lem Distrct Heating Consumer owned non-profit cooperative with thermal solar and air-water heat pump, combined with burning wood chips and gas. Placed next to one of the Vestas production facilities in the municipality; Norhede-Hjortmose Wind Farm (over 100 mio. Euro local investment) and PV farm (almost 17 mio. Euro), visitor center; Tvind International School Centre: 1-MW wind turbine, the longest operating modern windmill, heat pump, solar PV systems on 3 roofs, solar cooker, stand-alone system with small solar cells and a 400 Watt wind turbine, vegetable garden, and bio waste water plant.

Short description of the sites visited (Study Tour information pdf, 0.5 MB)
Pictures from the Guided Study Tour of the INFORSE-Europe Seminar in 2021:
INFORSE-Europe Seminar Study Tour Denmark August 2021