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Press Releases & Positions

Letter_joint_300_CSOs_to_DBanks_Summit_Nov_202010 November 2020 - Public letter: Public Development Banks MUST Deliver on the World We Want
INFORSE-Europe together with 300+ organizations call on public development banks to stop funding harmful projects and protect people and the planet by putting democracy, justice, equity, human rights and sustainability at the heart of their operations.
The letter is adressing the Finance in Common Summit (Nov.10-12, 2020), bringing together 450 public development banks, which control the flow of more than USD 2 trillion public money annually. Read the Letter from . Read on the Summit at Summit.

Open Letter to EU from the Community Power Coalition 27.05.2020 - Open Letter to EU from the Community Power Coalition - JOINED by INFORSE-Europe
INFORSE-Europe signed this letter to the EU as part of the Community Power Coalition on the EU stimulus package. Download: Open letter to EU on 27.05.2020 (2 pages, pdf, 300 kB)

Communique to Urge EC: Nuclear is NOT sustainable! -02-04-202002.04.2020 - Communique to Urge EC: Nuclear is NOT sustainable! - JOINED by INFORSE-Europe
NO to Nuclear in the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG). Signed by 53 Pan-European NGO networks (incl. INFORSE-Europe, FoE Europe, WECF, EEB), national NGOs, and institutes. The letter was sent to Valdis Dombrovskis (Executive Vice President, EC), Kadri Simson (Commissioner, DG ENERGY), Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice President, EC).
Download from INFORSE-Europe site (NGO Communique, pdf), or from Nuclear Consulting Group (NGO Communique, pdf) More: INFORSE on Nuclear.


Vision Community Power Coalition18.06.2019 - Launch: Community Power Coalition Vision - JOINED by INFORSE-Europe
Today, INFORSE-Europe with 11 other networks and organisations launched a Vision statement for our joint Community Power Coalition.
Download: Vision Statement.





17.10.2018 - Letter to EU Ministers - JOINED by INFORSE-Europe

NFORSE-Europe, together with 31 NGO networks & NGOs signed letter to the EU ministers urging to ensure that Capacity Mechanisms no longer subsidise the burning of fossil fuels, particular coal.
Read the letter signed pdf.
Read letter and more at: CAN-Europe


Signaturies of the NGO Letter to Angela Merkel October 5, 201805.10.2018 - Letter to Angela Merkel - JOINED by INFORSE-Europe

INFORSE-Europe, together with 96 organisations and networks, signed the letter by Jennifer Morgan from Greenpeace International to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to safe forest and phase out coal.
Read the letter signed - pdf
Read more at: Greenpeace.

INFORSE-Europe's EU Policy Positions and Press Releases before 2017:

21.01.2017 - Comments on the Proposal of EU Legislation Towards Reaching 2030 Targets
INFORSE Europe is commenting on the "winter package" of Europe Union Climate and Energy legislation for 2030.
For further details please see comments on following:
Energy Efficiency Directive (pdf file 242 kB)
- Energy Performance on Buildings Directive
(pdf file 242 kB)
- Renewable Energy Directive
(pdf file 242 kB)
- Governance of Energy Union Directive
(pdf file 242 kB)
- Internal Electricity Market Directive
(pdf file 242 kB)
Internal Electricity Market Regulation
(pdf file 242 kB)

17.09.2016 - CALL TO Reverse Hungary's Windpower Ban
The Government adopted a modification of a law, which makes it impossible to place a windmill in the territory of Hungary. According to the new regulation, minimum 12 km has to be the distance between a wind mill and the nearest dwelling or the nearest zone planned for buildings. A GIS-based map shows that there is no such a place in Hungary.
INFORSE-Europe's Position Paper: English-Hungarian bilingual Version (pdf file 484 kB),

24.09.2015 - Biggest EU Energy Efficiency Regulation Finally in Force
INFORSE Press Release (pdf file 143 kB)

14.09.2015 - EU Energy Labelling Directive: Environmental NGO views on the Commission's proposal for the revision of the Energy Labelling Directive
INFORSE EU Policy Position Release
(pdf file 183 kB)

15.07.2015 - INFORSE-Europe Welcomes the EU Commission "Summer Package"
to Reduce Energy Consumption & Emissions, but Calls for Further Actions

INFORSE Press Release (pdf file 137 kB)

01.09.2014 - ECO-Design: Vacuum Cleaners
New Rules bring Paradigm Change
INFORSE Press Release
(pdf file 242 kB)

20.03.2013 - INFORSE-Europe Joins Open Letter to EIB and EBRD:
"Sostanj Must Never Happen Again"
After the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) disbursed a promised 650 million euros for Slovenian lignite plant TES 6 on March 8, Focus Slovenia, CEE Bankwatch Network and 98 other NGOs, including INFORSE-Europe, sent this letter to the two banks calling on them to never commit to such a misguided loan again. The letter includes a list of reasons why Sostanj was undeserving of public loans and a set of measures that need to be taken by the banks immediately in order to avoid such mistakes from being repeated in the future.
Read the open letter: (pdf file 54 kB)
Read more: CEE Bankwatch Network web page

07.02.2012 - EU Public Consultation: Renewable Energy Strategy
INFORSE-Europe's Response: (pdf file 80 kB)
See also at DG Energy ENER.C.1 - Renewables and CCS Policy: Renewable Energy Strateg

26.04.2011 - INFORSE Statement: Chernobyl + 25 Years -
Let this Anniversary be the Last With Nuclear Power

Statement (pdf file 175 kB)
Read more: INFORSE-Europe's Sustainable Energy Vision, and actions of the day.


NGO letter to President Van Rompuy and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban
"Raising the EU 2020 climate target at the Spring European Council"
By CAN-Europe, FOE-Europe, Germanwatch, Greenpeace, INFORSE-Europe, CIDSE, HEAL, HCWH, Sandbag, and WWF-Europe. NGO Letter
( 1.1 MB pdf file)

- Energy Roadmap 2050 Released
INFORSE-Europe's Comments/Press Release:
Roadmap 2050 Misses 100% Renewable Energy and Options for Fair Reductions
EU Should Aim Higher! More ambitious targets are needed, and reduction of the excess allowances (EU-ETS).
INFORSE-Europe Press Release (08.03.2011) (pdf file 45 kB)
Roadmap on EU website.

- EU Public Consultation: Energy Roadmap 2050
INFORSE-Europe's Response: (pdf file 215 kB), and online (pdf file 108 kB),
Consultation period: 06/12/2010 - 07/02/2011. See: EU Public Consultation on Roadmap 2050.
Roadmap on EU website.

07.03.2011 - EU Public Consultation: The external dimension of the EU energy policy
INFORSE-Europe's Response: (pdf file 152 kB),
Consultation period: 06/12/2010 - 07/02/2011. See: DG Energy: EU Public Consultation on External Dimension

- EU Public Consultation: Auctioning third phase EU Allowances prior to 2013 ('early auctions')
Read INFORSE-Europe's Response (pdf file 137 kB), Read more INFORSE-Europe on Emission Trading.
Consultation period: 06/12/2010 - 07/02/2011. See: EU Public Consultation on Auctioning

RE100percent_Declaration_networks_logos25.01.2011 - INFORSE-Europe joins Declaration:
"100% Renewable Energy in Europe by 2050"
Initiated by Greenpeace, EREC and EUFORES.
Supported by more than 50 entities:

- NGO networks (INFORSE-Europe, EEB, CAN-Europe, FoE-Europe, WWF) and national NGOs (e.g., Germanwatch)
- European renewable energy industry associations (EWEA, EUBIA, EPIA, ESTIF, ESHA, AEBIOM, EOEA)
- 38 members of the European Parliament
- several companies from the field of energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Read Declaration and supporters:

29.11.2010 -
Climate Summit Must Change North-South Cooperation and CDM
The Climate Summit - COP16 started in Cancun, Mexico.
Read the INFORSE's Press Release
here: (pdf 49.1 kB)
Read the INFORSE's New CDM proposal here: (pdf 51.4 kB)

- EU Energy Infrastructure Plan Should Not Rubberstamp Gas and Power Lines - Strategy of the Past - Lacking Evaluation. Sustainable and Secure Energy is also Local.

Response to that EU Commission has released its energy infrastructure plan.
Read the INFORSE-Europe's critical voice in its Press Release: here (pdf 169 kB)

Read more at the European Commission's website.

10.11.2010 - EU Energy Strategy 2011-2020 Must Focus More on Energy Efficiency, but NOT on White Certificates A Bucket of NEW Policies are in Need
The EU Commission has released "Energy2020. A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy".
Please read the INFORSE-Europe's Press Release
: here (pdf file53.8 kB)
Read more on EU Strategy 2020 here.

31.10.2010 - EU Public Consultation - Indirect Land Use Change and Biofuels. EU Public Consultation - Indirect Land Use Change and Biofuels
Read the INFORSE-Europe’s Opinion on Indirect Land Use Change Impacts of Biofuels: (pdf 36 kB). Read more on biofuels here.
Read the consultation
on the EC website (pdf file 23 kB)

11.10.2010 - Move to 30% Reduction by 2020 with Many Benefits
INFORSE-Europe call upon the EU countries to decide for at least a 30% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, independent of the international climate negotiations.
Please read
here (pdf file 87kB)

28.09.2010 - Launch of Sustainable Energy Vision 2030 - Denmark
Press Release ( pdf file 114 kB)
Description of the Danish 2010 Vision (pdf file 67 kB)

- EU Public Consultation: Towards a New Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020
Read INFORSE-Europe's Response (pdf file 234 kB),
Consultation period: 07/05/2010 - 02/07/2010. See: EU Public Consultation

22.06.2010 - ECO-Design: Household Tumble Driers
Position paper from Environmental NGOs on the EC Working Document on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of Household Tumble Driers, (pdf file 181 kB)

22.06.2010 - ECO-Design: Vacuum Cleaners
Position paper from Environmental NGOs (pdf file 170 kB)

18.06.2010 -
EU Budget: NGO Letter to EU Commission's President, Barroso
EU Commission's President, Barroso, is urged to kick-start the EU Budget review in a more open and transparent process!
Letter from 10 organisations including INFORSE-Europe. (pdf file 347 kB)

Read more at: Bankwatch.

- EU Public Consultation: Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste
INFORSE Response on the Public Consultation on EU Legislative Proposal on Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste, 31 May 2010, (pdf file 107 kB), Read more

01.04.2010 - ECO-Design: Rules for Display Cabinets and Vending Machines
Opinion from Environmental NGOs on the approach for setting Ecodesign rules for display cabinets and vending machines click here

04.03.2010 - ECO-Design: Energy Label for TVs Comments
Position on the revised version of the proposed Energy Label for TVs Comments (pdf file 181 kB)

03.02. 2010 - ECO-Design: Fans
Comments on Fans (pdf file 51 kB)

- ECO-Design: Boilers
Position on the final version of the methodology for the Ecodesign measures on Boilers
Second technical contribution from ECOS and INFORSE on the methodology (pdf file 97 kB)
First technical contribution from ECOS and INFORSE on the methodology (pdf file 101 kB)

30.12.2009 - Recommendations for Implementation of Renewable Energy Directive including Biofuels and Training
Recommendation and Background, and Position on Biofuel (pdf file 61kB), Position on Training (pdf file 123 kB)

30.12.2009 - Recommendations for Implementation of Energy Market Directives
Recommendation and Background

22.12.2009 - Energy Poverty Recommendations
Position (pdf file 32kB) and Background

- Analysis of the outcome of UNFCCCC COP15
Analysis and more - COP15 Analysis (pdf file 64 kB)

07.12.2009 - Position Paper on Climate Change
Position and more
Position Paper on Climate Change (pdf file 99kB)

18.10.2009 - Energy Efficiency Manifesto
Information and Manifesto. Read Manifesto on Cool Products' website

05.10.2009 - Ecodesign: Computers and Displays
Position and Information and Environmental NGOs Joint Position (pdf file)

05.10.2009 - Ecodesign: Imaging Equipments
Position and Information and Environmental NGOs' Joint Position on the proposed Voluntary Initiative Agreements on Imaging Equipment and Complex Set Top Boxes
(pdf file 199 kB)

18.09.2009 - Launch of Sustainable Energy Vision 2030 - Denmark
Press Release (pdf file 32kB) and Background

19.08.2009 - Green Public Procurement of Boilers
Position (pdf file 211 kB) and Information

15.07.2009 - Response on Consultation on the aftermath of the expiry of Regulation (EC) No 1407/2002 on State Aid to the Coal Industry"
Position (pdf file 29 kB)

- Ecodesign: Boilers and other Central Heating Sources
Position and Information, and Environmental NGOs' Joint Position on Boilers (pdf file 194 kB)

- Ecodesign: Air Conditioners
Position and Information, and Environmental NGOs' Joint Position on Energy Labelling requirements for Room Air Conditioners (pdf file 204 kB)

European Election 0904.06.2009 - ´EP Candidates'
Opinion on Climate and Energy
Result of a Questionnaire Press Release Download PDF (pdf file 221 kB) and Background

30.12.2008 - Moratorium for Unsustainable Biofuel Now
INFORSE-Europe Position on Moratorium for Unsustainable Biofuel Now, 2008
Position (pdf file 29kB)

- Improve EU Energy Research with Broader Participation, Smaller Projects, and Sustainable Priorities
INFORSE-Europe position on Improve EU Energy Research with Broader Participation, Smaller Projects, and Sustainable Priorities
Position (pdf file 35kB)

6.10.2008 - EU-Ukraine Cooperation
Proposal on EU-Ukraine Cooperation by INFORSE-Europe, Bankwatch Network, WWF, and Ukr. Wind Energy Association
Position (pdf file 75kB) and Background

- EU Summit on October 15-16, 2008
INFORSE-Europe on EU Summit on October 15-16, 2008
EU Summit must Set High Climate Targets.
Download Press Release October 14, 2008 (pdf file 46 kB)

- Off-Shore Wind Energy
INFORSE-Europe's Position on Off-Shore Wind Energy
Statement (pdf file 54kB) - Link to Background

30.06.2008 - Energy Performance of Buildings
INFORSE-Europe's Position on Energy Performance of Buildings
Statement (pdf file 34kB) - Link to Background

12.05.2008 - Reduced VAT Rates
INFORSE-Europe's Position on Reduced VAT Rates

Statement (pdf file 80kB) - Link to Background

20.02.2008 - EU Climate and Energy Package
INFORSE-Europe's Position (pdf file 188kB) (20.02.2008)
Press Release (pdf file 76 kB) (23.01.2008)
Background on Renewable Energy and Emissions Trading

Directives on Energy Performance in Buildings and Energy Service (implementation)
INFORSE-Europe's Positions on Directives on Energy performance in Buildings and Energy Service (implementation)
Statement (pdf file 162 kB) Link to Background

27.12.2007 - Structural Funds
INFORSE-Europe's Positions and Updates. Download Positions and Background

21.12.2007 - Strategic Energy Research Plan (SET-Plan)
INFORSE-Europe's Position on Strategic Energy Research Plan (SET-Plan)
Statement (pdf file 204 kB)

21.12.2007 - INFORSE-Europe Proposal for EU Emissions Trading
Statement & Background

20.12.2007 - Renewable Energy Support
INFORSE-Europe's Proposal for Renewable Energy Support
Statement (pdf file 160 kB), Background

12.11.2007 - EU 3rd Electricity Market Package
INFORSE-Europe's Proposal for EU 3rd Electricity Market Package
Press Release (pdf file 50 kB) - Statement (pdf 96 kB) - Background

24.10.2007 - INFORSE-Europe Call for Moratorium on Support for and Import of Agrofuels - Liquid Biofuels from Large-Scale Mono Cultures
Press Release (pdf file170 kB) - Information and Statement

01.09.2007 - EU Energy Consumer Charter
INFORSE-Europe's Response to Public Consultation. Download Statement (pdf 136 kB)

26.06.2007 - Environmental State Aid - EU Guidelines,
INFORSE-Europe's Position Statement (pdf file 96 kB)

18.06.2007 - EU Biofuel Consultation
INFORSE-Europe's Response Download (pdf file 120 kB),

12.03.2007 - INFORSE-Europe Welcomes the Decision of the
EU Leaders to Increase Renewable Energy
INFORSE’s Vision for Implementation will be presented on March 20, 2007 in Brussels on a Seminar organised by INFORSE, EUFORES and EREF. Download (pdf file 129kB)

10.01.2007 - INFORSE-Europe Calls for Higher Targets for Renewable and Energy Efficiency for EU:
Download (pdf file 129kB)

07.11.2006 - IEA World Energy Outlook 2006
INFORSE Comments on IEA World Energy Outlook 2006
Press Release:
(pdf file 161kB)

20.10.2006 - EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan
Press Release: (pdf file 138kB)

18.07.2006 - Global Collaboration on Energy Efficiency
INFORSE Proposal for Global Collaboration on Energy Efficiency
Proposal: (pdf file 75kB)

08.03.2006 - EU Green Paper on Energy Strategy and Policy
Press Release: (pdf file 183kB)

22.06.2005 - EU Green Paper on Energy Efficiency
Download Press Release: (pdf file 226kB)
Read More at the EU Policy Update Section

16.12.2004 - VISION 2050 Launched for EU 25.
The enlarged EU can phase out fossil and nuclear energy.
Press Release: (pdf file 243kB)
Read More at VISION 2050

15.11.2004 - VISION 2050 Launched for EU 15.
Phase out of Fossil and Nuclear Energy in EU 15.
Press Release: (pdf file 285kB)
Read More at VISION 2050

01.12.2004 - EU Countries Must do More to Become Energy Efficient!
Press Release: (doc 99 kB)
Read More at the EU Policy Update section

INFORSE-Europe EU Positions in 2000-2005:
September 15, 2005 - INFORSE-Europe's Comment Sent to the European Commission, DG Competition - Proposed: "Block exemption" of Sustainable Energy Support Schemes. Read Position

March 2005 - New EU Climate Targets.
Read Position

July 13, 2004 - INFORSE-Europe's Welcome letter to the new EU Parliament (elected June 10-13, 2004).
Read Letter

May 2001 - INFORSE-Europe´s Comments to the Green Paper on Security of Energy Supply.
Read Position

2000 - INFORSE-Europe´s comments on EU's Dilemma Study on Nuclear Power and Climate Change (2000).
Read Position

INFORSE's Positions to UN CSD in 2005-2007: See more here.
- INFORSE at UN CSD 15 & IPM, New York:
NGOs' critical comments & INFORSE Side Event

2006 - INFORSE at UN CSD 14, New York
Intervention & INFORSE Side Event

2005 -"Air Pollution/Atmosphere and Climate Change and Linkages to Energy for Sustainable Development" NGO speech of Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe/Eco-Forum/92-group/CURES, December 15-16, 2005 UN Preparatory Meeting to CSD 2006-07, Geneva. (doc 36kB)

2005 - INFORSE'S INPUT for CSD 14 to CSD Secretariat, Major Groups Program, Download Input: (doc 500kB)

INFORSE Joining Positions in 2005-2007:
2007-2006 - INFORSE at UN CSD 14, UN CSD 15.
See more here.

2005 - INFORSE signed the Joint Declaration from Civil Society for BIREC 2005, Beijing China (pdf file 30kB)
Read more here.

2005 - INFORSE-Europe Supports European Petition – 1 Million Europeans Demand the Exit of Nuclear Power.
Read more: Anti Nuclear Section

2003 - INFORSE signed the CURES (Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability) Declaration in 2003, INFORSE is one of the Coordinator of CURES.