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BIREC, Int'l Renewables' 05 Conference

Beijing International Renewable Energy Conference (BIREC 2005), November 7-8 2005, Beijing

Report by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe/OVE, 92 Group, Denmark:

INFORSE participated when China hosted a world conference for renewable energy in Beijing on November 7-8, 2005.
The conference gathered 78 countries that were officially represented as well as representatives from industry and civil society. China set the tone of the conference by presenting new targets for renewable energy, including a target of 30,000 MW in windpower for by 2020, as well as a new, ambitious renewable-energy law. Unfortunately, China includes large hydropower in its expansion plans, in ways that cause deep concerns among many NGOs for environmental as well as social reasons.
The 78 countries agreed upon increased efforts for renewable energy, nationally and internationally, in the “Beijing Declaration” for renewable energy. Some main points in this declaration are in summary:
• The countries agreed to take further actions to accelerate the market uptake of renewable-energy technologies and to increase investment in research and development, especially by the developed countries.
• The counties agreed that the international community should strengthen its commitment to the scaling up of renewable energy development and use, especially in developing countries.
• The countries urged International Financial Institutions (IFIs), including the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to expand significantly their investments in renewable energy.
• The UN system can and should play a key role to make renewable energy widely accessible to developing countries with the use of technical assistance, especially to the least developed countries. Its capacity and resources should be strengthened.
• Connecting multi-stakeholders through networks and other initiatives should be done to facilitate exchange of information on renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as to make information more accessible to developing countries.
• The countries noted that the current global situation provides an unprecedented opportunity to address the strategic challenges of transforming our energy systems and of closing the energy divide between poor and rich.
• The countries invited the Commission for Sustainable Development to consider an effective arrangement to review and assess progress towards substantially increasing the global share of renewable energy. In addition, voluntary reporting can be enhanced through inputs from relevant international organizations and networks.

As part of the CURES network, INFORSE called for:
• increased efforts for renewable energy with ambitious, binding targets;
• establishment of the institutional basis for promoting renewable energies at an international level;
• a fundamental shift in energy lending of development banks towards renewable energy and energy efficiency; and
• increased support for regional and local initiatives in developing countries, with involvement of civil society and local actors.
These are some of the main points of the “Joint Declaration from Civil Society at BIREC2005”.

INFORSE was represented by member organisations. Among others:
From INFORSE-Europe:
- Gunnar Boye Olesen representing 92 Group a Danish NGO Group, which includes OVE and DIB.
- Jane Kruse and Preben Maegaard from Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.
From INFORSE-Asia:
- Tetsunari Iida, ISEP, Japan

INFORSE pasrticipated on:
- International NGO Workshop on Renewable Energy for BIREC2005

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development
on 6th November, 2005.

See program and proceedings at the INFORSE member and Asia Coordinator ISEP's web site.

INFORSE joined the Joint Declaration from Civil Society ( 30kB pdf). INFORSE is member and one of the Coordinators of CURES (Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability).

Read more:
- Official Conference site: BIREC
- INFORSE Position together with CURES
- Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)