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The Power of the Community Energy
Erasmus+ Project 2019-21

The Power of the Community Energy Project Erasmus Plus 2019-21

Webinar: The Power of Energy Communities:
Turning Rights into Reality Across Europe!
DATE: April 23, 2020, 9 AM - 11 AM.
Download: Invitation/Program

Spread the News! NOW, You have the right to produce, trade, sell, store and own your own renewable energy! The EU legislation on renewable energy gives communities and individuals the right to generate, store, consume and sell their own energy. These energy rights are transformational and absolutely essential for a decentralized and renewable energy supply.
But the rights have to be implemented in national laws to make it happen. How can the power, expertise, motivation and will of energy communities across Europe be united to push for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive? Different methodologies, experiences, success factors and barriers from Denmark, Poland, Germany and Turkey are presented and discussed.

Facilitators: Anja Ruehlemann, WECF, Katharina Habersbrunner, WECF & Bundnis Burgerenergie
- Katharina Habersbrunner, WECF, Germany
- Joanna Furmaga, Spoleczny Instytut
- Ekologiczny/Polish Green Net, Poland
- Nazan Unverir, Troya Energy Cooperative, Turkey
- Gunnar Boye Olesen, Denmark: INFORSE-Europe, Denmark
Participation is free. Registration is necessary.
Details are in the Invitation.

Power of Community Energy  Project meeting in Poland November 2019
Follow up with the Project's Meetings:
- The Project's Kick Off Meeting and Workshop was in Warsaw, Poland in November 2019 (See photo)
The planned Project Partners' Workshops and Meetings are:
- Webinar/Germany in April 23, 2020: 9 AM-11 AM
Download: Invitation/Program

- Denmark in August 18-21, 2020 (incl. INFORSE-Europe Seminar).
- Turkey in 2021.
Power of Communitiy Energy Newsletter 1. January 2020 English
Follow up with the Project activities:

The Power of Community Energy Newsletter
No. 1. January 2020.

- English (pdf, 1.1 MB),
- Polish (pdf, 1 MB),
- German (pdf, 0.6 MB),
- Turkish (pdf 0.6 MB),
- Danish (pdf 0.6 MB).
NGO Cooperation Project started in November 2019.

The Project Partners are: Social Ecological Institute (coordinator)
in Poland, INFORSE-Europe in Denmark, WECF in Germany and Troya Environment Association in Turkey.

The results will include: a short guide on how to organise renewable-energy cooperatives; a comparative analysis; and databases. The focus is on Poland, Denmark, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

The Project is supported by the EU Erasmus+ Program.