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INFORSE-Europe Sustainable Energy Seminar - Webinar, September 21, 2020 - Transition to 100% Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Society in Europe (Examples from UK, France, Denmark)

INFORSE-Europe organizes the annual NGO seminar as a series of webinars in September 2020.

The Seminars focused on transition to 100 % renewables (21/9), and community power (9/9).

After the Seminars, INFORSE-Europe has a General Meeting on 23/10, 2020.
INFORSE Europe Seminar 21092020 Transition to 100% Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Society in Europe

Proceedings: Transition to 100% Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Society in Europe (Examples from UK, France, Denmark) - 21 September, 2020

United Kingdom - ZeroCarbon Britain
INFORSE-Europe Seminar 100 Renewables

- Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales presented news about the proposal to convert UK to a Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB), including a “power down” strategy, how to reduce the carbon footprint to 0, and how the progressive proposals are taken up throughout the UK.
Dowload Paul Allen's presentation (pdf, 2.8 MB)

Read more on CAT and ZeroCarbonBritain

France - Negawatt

INFORSE-Europe Seminar 100 Renewables - Yves Marignac presented negaWatt's proposal for phase out of fossil fuels of France and at the same time phase out nuclear power, using also energy efficiency and energy sufficiency actions.
Download: Yves Marignac's presentation (pdf, 1.6 MB).
Read more on negaWatt Association.
Denmark - SuatinableEnergy / INFORSE-Europa

INFORSE-Europe Seminar 100 Renewables

- Gunnar Boye Olesen will present Danish plans for fast phase out of fossil fuels, both official Danish plans aiming at over 100% renewable electricity and close to 100% renewable heat already in 2030, and plans by INFORSE-Europe and SustainableEnergy in Denmark of a complete transition to sustainable use of renewable energy.
Download Gunnar B Olesen's presentation (pdf, 2.0 MB)
Read more on Danish Scenario and INFORSE's Scenarios

INFORSE-Europe Seminar 100 Renewables Debate after the three presentations. Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE-Europe, moderator. 

Read more:

S_20_seminar_INFORSE_Europe_online_9.9.2020-energycommunities_screeshot INFORSE-Europe Seminar - September 9, 2020
Energy Communities and Prosumers in Europe
Link: Proceedings under INFORSE-Europe Seminar
100 % Renewable Energy Scenarios developed by INFORSE-Europe and INFORSE members.
Link: INFORSE Vision 2050.
INFORSE-Europe Seminar in September 2017

INFORSE-Europe Seminar in September 2017 on transition to sustainable energy with presentation from both Western and Eastern Europe.
Link: Proceedings INFORSE_Europe Seminar 2017.