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European Energy Policy Seminar
November 9-10, 2004, Brussels.



A Seminar on New and Upcoming EU Policies for Sustainable Energy and Climate Protection

November 9-10, 2004, Brussels
Institue of Cultural Affairs
rue Amedé Lynen 8, Bruxelles
(near metro Madou)


The pdf files are the handouts of the power point presentations. More comes soon.

November 9, 2004

9.45 Welcome by INFORSE, EUFORES, EREF

10-10.45 Long-term Strategies in Energy, Targets After 2010 (pdf file 216 kB) -
Launch of INFORSE-Europe's Vision for Sustainable Development for EU. (updated link)
Presentation by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
A Vision/Plan for Renewable Energy Development and Target for 2020. (pdf file 406 kB)
Presentation by Olivier Schaefer, EREC.

10.45 - 11.30 Effect of Energy Market Regulations, RES-E Directive
Ongoing Work on the Evaluation of the RES-E Directive, including the Possible Proposal of a European Support Model in 2005.
Introduction by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe (pdf file 189 kB)
Panel discussion with organisations. Chair: Timmer Marc (EUFORES).
Panelists: Oliver Schaefer, Doerte Fouquet, Gunnar Olesen

11.30 Coffee break

11.45-12.30 Renewable Energy Targets for 2010 and the Need for Action
Targets and the Need for Additional Action in EU and Member Countries, Based on the Communication from the Commission. (pdf file 287 kB)
Presentation by Beatrice Yordi, DG TREN.
Panel discussion with Commission & organisations

12.30 - 13.15 The Need for EU Directive/Action for Renewable Energy for Heat
Presentation by Raffaele Piria, ESTIF. (pdf file 245 kB)
Panel discussion with introduction from European Commission, Stefaan Vergote, DG Environment - Climate Change Programme, and organisations.

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-14.50 Bioenergy in the EU: Current Status, Trends, Gaps
Presentation by Guilio Volpi, WWF – European Policy Office (pdf file 1.9 MB)

14.50-15.00 Use of the Electric Grid to Transport Renewable Electricity
Existing European Examples. (pdf file 214 kB)
Presentation by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe.

15.00-16.00: The possible Effect of Coming WTO Rules on RE-Markets.
Presentation by Dörte Fouquet, EREF.

16.00-16.30 Coffe Break

16.30-17.30 Energy Market Regulations, Electricity Directive
Effects of the Current EU Electricity Market Regulation.
Presentation by MEP Claude Turmes.
Effects of EU market regulation and the need for improvements of legislation to facilitate sustainable energy transition (electricity directive, decommissioning funds, grid ownership gives distortion as they are also producers, intransparency of grid prices, price regulatory bodies are not efficient, market places disadvantage intermittent and small RE's).
Presentation by Dörte Fouquet, EREF.

Discussion on the need for improvements in rules and regulations.

17.30-18.00 Development of Small Hydro with Water Framework Directive
Presentation by Steve Cryer, ESHA. (pdf file 917 kB)

November 10, 2004

9.30 -10.15 End Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive Under Negotiation
Presentation by Tilman Schwencke, advisor to Mechtild Rothe, MEP. (pdf file 187 kB)

10.15-10.45 Eco-Design Directive Under Negotiation
Presentation by Germana Canzi, WWF-European Policy Office. (pdf file 289 kB)

10.45 -11.30 EU Support Framework (ALTENER, SAVE, R&D, structural funds etc.) from 2006/2007 (pdf file 860 kB)
Presentation by Karl Kellner, DG TREN.

11.30 Coffe break

11.45-13.00 Harmful Subsidies in the Energy Sector
Roundtable discussion featuring the recent report of the European Environment Agency compared with other studies (Parliament), the subsidies to the new nuclear European Power Reactor adventure in Finland and the adverse effects for renewables in Finland.
Presentation by Dörte Fouquet, EREF.

INFORSE: International Network for Sustainable Energy-Europe,
EREF: European Renewable Energies Federation,
EUFORES: European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources,

Institute of Cultural Affairs
rue Amedé Lynen 8, Bruxelles
(near metro Madou)

Abbreviations used:
EREC: European Renewable Energy Council,
ESHA: European Small Hydro Association
ESTIF: European Solar Thermal Industries Federation
ALTENER: EU programme for renewable energy
SAVE: EU programme for energy efficiency
MEP: Member of European Parliament

Contact and Info:
INFORSE-Europe, att. Gunnar Boye Olesen,
Ph: +45-86227000, Fax: +45 86227096