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EU Energy Labelling

Updated: February 2018

July 2017: The Directive 2010/30/EU is replaced by a Regulation, 2017/1369. The scope remains identical to the former Directive 2010/30/EU: energy-related products. Nevertheless, the definition of energy related products has been extended to any ‘system’ with an impact on energy consumption during use, in addition to ‘goods’.

In line with the previous Directive, the Regulation does not apply to ‘means of transport for persons and goods’ and ‘second-hand products’. However, it introduces an exception for ‘second-hand products’ imported from a third country, which fall under the scope of the Directive.

The revised framework introduces a product registration database (articles 4, 12 and Annex I) which must be established by January 2019. Among other uses, the database will allow consumers to check and compare the energy efficiency of the appliances. Obligations apply to suppliers in relation to the product database (article 4).

The A+ and higher classes will no longer exist as the revised framework substitutes them by an “A to G” labelling scale. Thus, the label includes 7 classes (A-G) from dark green. This substitution requires a so-called “label rescaling mechanism” (article 11) which will gather the products in 3 groups which have individual deadlines to meet:

1. White / household equipment: rescaled labels to be displayed by November 2019.
2. Heaters and boilers (Regulations 811/2013, 812/2013 & 2015/1187): rescaled labels to be displayed between 2027 and 2032.
3. Other product groups: rescaled labels to be displayed by 2024 / 2025.

Read more:
Energy Labelling for Energy Efficiency in Products - Framework Directive, 2015
Download the Regulation from the EU Law Page or a copy here (pdf).