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Preparations for Bonn 2004

INFORSE-Africa NGOs made extensive preparations for the International Renewable Energy Conference in Bonn, June 2004.

South African NGOs sent letters to different forums in South Africa:

Letter to South African Ministers, 5th May, 2004, (pdf file, 39 kB)

Letter to Development Bank of Southern Africa & African Development Bank April 15, 2004 (pdf file, 27 kB)

Letter to National Electricity Regulator (NER) South Africa, April 16, 2004 (pdf file, 17 kB)

There was an African Preparatory Meeting for Bonn Renewables 2004 in February 2004:
Alpha Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, 24-26 February 2004

Dowload: Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting (word file 203 kB) including participants' list with email addresses.
Pictures from the Preparatory Meeting in February 2004.

A Co-ordinating Committee was elected to co-ordinate the development of an African position in Bonn in 2004. The Committee consisted of:

Name Organisation e-mail:
Rajen Awotar
Council for Development, Environmental Studies & Conservation (Maudesco)
Timothy Byakola,
Climate and Development Initiatives (CDI)
Johannes Chigwada ZERO Regional Environment Organisation
Fikiswa Mahote
Development Action Group (DAG)
Sibusiso Mimi Back up to Claire Taylor Earthlife Africa - Cape Town
Geoffrey Musonda
Energy and Environmental Concerns for Zambia (EECZ),
Ousmane Ouattara Mali Folkecenter
Claire Taylor Earthlife Africa Jhb - Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Partnership,

It was agreed that the Committee is primarily concerned with the period leading up to and including Bonn Renewables 2004, though it will also propose a way forward for follow up and monitoring after the Conference. It will be available as a mechanism for transparency and accountability. It will be a first point of contact with civil society and NGOs from Africa (particularly sub-Saharan Africa) engaging with Bonn Renewables 2004 (particularly regarding preparation and attendance). As such,
· It will disseminate relevant information by:
- A list serve for interested organisations.
- A website at INFORSE (
- Using the CURES list serve to disseminate key outputs from African preparations
· It will be available to co-ordinate an African position and will encourage all interested organisations in Africa to contribute to the process
· It will run a nomination process for participants to attend the Conference, at least for the 8 people funded by Heinrich Böll Foundation
· It will keep a log of available resources (including funding information and materials) and contact people, as well as activities

It will not be responsible for fundraising or managing funds but it can endorse proposals from other organisations; and it may assist in accessing resources and providing contact between donors and active organisations

The Committee also undertakes to:
Request Contact Trust to set up a list serve for its members, so that they can communicate with each other. Announce its formation to African civil society – see for announcement.

National Contact Points in Countries:
People were elected as national contact points, though it was noted that some regions were not represented, so this list can be added to. See list in the minutes.

Suggested Actions Leading up to Bonn:
- Run national and local workshops on RE and international processes;
- Planning African based civil society activities to lobby governments at Bonn Renewables 2004, e.g. photo exhibition featuring drought, famine, floods and all Climate Change social effects.
- Form a media group representing African Civil Society to facilitate drafting press releases before and during Bonn
- Arranging a meeting in Bonn at the end of May – probably 29th (from 10 a.m. so people can arrive that morning).
- Write a letter to SADC to update on the RE status quo at the level of policy.
- Representatives to write letters to their ministers and national governments
- Training before Bonn: People from the meeting take the outcomes of the meeting to their projects and start sharing with their colleagues. Should report back on how their organisations are taking forward the outcomes of the meeting.

Tasks in Bonn:
- To conduct seminar, workshops and breakfast meetings
- Send out press releases

Beyond Bonn:
- Best Practises – Need to publish what is happening on local level. Extend visits ands networking.
- Include RE in school education.

African NGO Nomination Process for Bonn Renewables Participants:

African Preparatory Meeting for Bonn Renewables 2004
Alpha Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa in February and March, 2004

Minutes of the First Preparatory Meeting (203 kB word file)

Minutes of the Second Preparatory Meeting (43 kB word file)

Pictures from the Preparatory Meeting:

Woking Group during the Preparatory Conference
Ontibile Moalusi, Env. Justice Network Forum, South Africa, and Johannes Chigwada, Zero Regional Environmental Organisation, Zimbabwe.
Fikiswa Mahote, Development Action Group, South Africa, presenting working group discussions
Timothy Byakola, from Climate and Development Initiatives, Uganda (INFORSE-Africa Coordinator)
Kuena Khatlile DPE/Pelum, Lesotho, explaining worksheet of a working group
Elias Mkhwanazi, Env. Justice Network Forum, South Africa
Octavia Nkosi from Ground Work / Rev. of Goodwill organisation, South Africa.
Helen Bitterbos Barendse Griqua House, and Desmond, South Africa