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INFORSE-Africa Policy Positions - Press Releases


Policy Briefs - Positions
Dont Nuke the Climate
100% renewables
November 2021
INFORSE joined 460+ NGOs on a statement for UNFCCC COP26 "Don't Nuke the Climate"
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INFORSE joined Global 100 % Renewables Platform Declaration to UNFCCC COP26
The Earlier the Better, Letís Speed it Up!
Nuclear Energy is NOT an Alternative! It is unsafe, expensive, and slow.

INFORSE East Africa Position  to COP26

19 October, 2021
INFORSE East Africa Position to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP26), in Glasgow, UK in November 2021. Download pdf (6 pp.) Link: INFORSE EastAfrica Position to COP26
Read more on INFORSE-East Africa at COP 26 link:

  15 October, 2021
INFORSE Joining Mission Statement: Donít Nuke the Climate: Why Nuclear Power Cannot solve the Climate Crisis.
Signed by 163 NGOs by 17 October, 2021.
  September, 2021
TaTEDO joining: Tanzania Civil Society COP26 Position Paper prepared by PINGOs, TNRF, CAN Tanzania, and FORUM CC
  September, 2021
UCSD and JEEP Joining: Uganda People's Manifesto
  July 2021
INFORSE Joining: NGO Major Group's Position on HLPF 2021
Download: (38 pp.)

15 May, 2021
Policy Brief by SusWatch Kenya: How Kenya can Become 100% Renewable?
Download pdf (5 pp.): 100RE Kenya Policy Brief - May 2021
Read more:

  February, 2021
Launch Catalogue: 50+ Local Sustainable Solutions in East Africa

16 December 2019
Download pdf (2 pp.) INFORSE on UNFCCC COP25 outcome 2019

  1 May 2018
INFORSE-East Africa Policy Brief: Local Climate Actions that Reduce Poverty are Key to Climate Action Successes and must be supported by the Paris Agreement Work Programme, UNFCCC SB48 Bonn 2018.
  April-May 2018
INFORSE-East Africa Talanoa Dialogue Submission
Non-Party stakeholdersí Input to Talanoa Dialogue: Question 2 - Where do we want to go?
Proposing Implementation of the Paris Agreement with Poverty Reduction focus in East Africa
Download pdf from UNFCCC website: INFORSE-East Africa Talanoa Submission April 2018
Talanoa Uganda story by Richard Kimbowa from UCSD. Download as text (1 page)


November 9, 2017
INFORSE-East Africa Position Paper to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP23); Download pdf (2 pp.): Policy Brief on NDC Guideline COP23 November 2017f