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News from INFORSE - Africa Members
March, 2023
Publish: Brochure of Catalogue: 80+ Local Sustainable Solutions in East Africa
in English, Swahili, Luganda, Runyankole and Luo
Download from: EASE CA Project

Catalogue: 80+ Local Sustainable Solutions in East Africa
2nd edition, print, 2023 148 pp. ISBN 978-87-970130-6-9
Download: Full Catalogue 148 pages, (pdf, 8.5 MB)

March 27, 2023

LAUNCH Update: Kenya 100% Renewable Energy Scenario & Plan by 2050.
Policy Brief on the new updated report
ISBN, 978-87-970130-8-3, 87 pp. February 2023
Download from INFORSE-East Africa web site:
- Kenya 100% Renewable Energy Policy Brief, March 2023 (8 pp. pdf, 1 MB)
- Kenya 100% Renewable Energy Scenario and Plan by 2025, 2. edition, 2023 (87 pp., pdf, 2.1 MB)

February 9, 2023:
LAUNCH: Uganda 100% Renewable Energy Scenario & Plan by 2050.

Venue: JEEP Office and Zoom Online.

Download: Program (1 page), and Power Point Presentations:
"Uganda 100 % Renewable Energy Scenario and Plan by 2050" by UCSD, INFORSE-EA (pdf, 0.9 MB).
- "Clean Cooking in Uganda: What does Uganda need to offset the dire biomass energy demand in the run up to 2030? by JEEP Uganda (pdf, 1.4 MB).

Download the Publications:
* Policy Brief: Towards 100 % Renewable Energy in Uganda (4 pages, 1.5 MB)
* Full Report: Uganda 100% Renewable Energy Scenario and Plan by 2050 (61 pages, 4.1 MB)
More at Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD), and Launch Event, and download from UCSD Resources.
The first version launched on November 12, 2022 at INFORSE's Side Event of the UNFCCC COP27 in Egypt.
November 6 - 18, 2022
UNFCCC COP 27, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

INFORSE-East Africa participating at the UN Climate COP27 with several delegates in Egypt.
Read more at: INFORSE-East Africa at COP27
25 November, 2021
INFORSE East Africa Webinar: Climate COP26 Outcome & the Way to COP27 in Egypt, Africa

- Welcome by Richard Kimbowa, chair of INFORSE-EA, UCSD, Uganda
- Presentation of the Climate COP26 Outcome, Decisions by Gunnar B. Olesen, INFORSE Secr. (ppt, pdf, 2.2 MB); by Nobert Nyandire, SusWatch Kenya (ppt, pdf 1.3 MB)
- What Difference it Made that Civil Society, INFORSE participated? by Mary Swai, TaTEDO, Tanzania / INFORSE-East Africa. (ppt, pdf 2.9 MB)
- The Way Forward to COP27, Focus on Africa by Sixbert Mwanga, CAN-Tanzania /CAN-Africa
Q & A, Discussion

5 November, 2021
INFORSE-East Africa at UNFCCC COP26, Glasgow, UK

SusWatch, TaTEDO, UCSD participate with delegates and speakers at INFORSE Side Event
Proceedings: COP26 Side Event, Exhibition, Policy Briefs at COP26.

Positions of INFORSE-East Africa and members to COP26:
November, 2021: INFORSE on UNFCCC COP26 Outcome (pdf, 1 page)
October, 2021:
INFORSE East Africa Position to COP26 (pdf, 6 pp.)
, and
September, 2021: INFORSE national coordinators contribute to and join national CSOs Positions to COP26 including: Uganda People's Manifesto
; Tanzania Civil Society Position Paper
 1 September, 2021 Online - 11.00-12.30 East Africa Time (EAT)
Climate Action in East Africa on the way to the Climate COP26 in Glasgow
Review of the National Contributions to Combat Climate Change, and to what extent are Local Level Climate and Sustainable Energy Solutions considered? - Program and Background (1 page pdf)
Contact: INFORSE-East Africa: Mary Swai (TaTEDO, Tanzania), Richard Kimbowa (UCSD, Uganda).
Facebook event:
TaTEDO's website:
Proceedings also available at EASE-CA project site.

June - July 2021
INFORSE-East Africa at
* UN HLPF 2021
on Sustainable Development. NY, USA (VIRTUAL) July, 2021
SIDE EVENT: July 13, 2021
Local Climate Solutions for a Sustainable & Resilient Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic in East Africa, and South Asia; Women’s Role; 100 % Renewables as driver for climate mitigation from Denmark to Kenya and Globally.
* UN HLDE 2021 Dialogue on Energy (VIRTUAL) June, 2021
SIDE EVENT: June 22, 2021 - Local Solutions, Eco-Village Development, 100% Renewables, E-2/3 wheelers; South Asia & East Africa

  21 May, 2021 Online - 9.50-11.00 AM EAT, Nairobi.
Join: “How Kenya can Become 100% Renewable”
Virtual Validation Meeting for the CSOs' Joint Proposal
Read: Program (2 pages pdf) and Policy Brief (5 pages pdf)
Contact: Justus Munyoki, SusWatch, Kenya.

Download Presentations and Report from:
Download the Report as pdf file:
100 % Renewable Energy Scenario in Kenya by 2050 (pdf, 2 MB)
 4 May, 2021 Online
E-Mobility in East Africa
Organised by INFORSE-East Africa, TaTEDO, Suswatch Kenya, UCSD, Jeep, Nordic Folkecenter
Download Program & registration link (1 page 0.5 MB pdf)
Contact: Mary Swai at INFORSE-East Africa, TaTEDO E:
FB link:
Proceedings at
Proceedings also available at EASE-CA project site.
December 2020 - February 2021
Launch of Catalogue: 50+ Local Sustainable Solutions in East Africa

- 25 February, 2021 - i
n Kenya Read more:
- 5 February, 2021 - in Tanzania Read more: news
22 December, 2020 in Uganda at JEEP
11 December, 2020 Launch Catalogue: 50+ Local Sustainable Solutions in East Africa
Facebook Event:

November 27, 2020 11-12.30 (EAT) Online
Electric Pressure Cooker in Africa? Experiences from Kenya, Tanzania and East Africa
E-cooking event on 27.11.2020 Event Brochure
Tatedo's web site:
Facebook event link:
Proceedings also available at EASE-CA project site.
November 26, 2020
INFORSE-East Africa at
UN CD2020 Climate Dialogue (VIRTUAL) November, 2020
SIDE EVENT: November 26, 2020 Local Climate & Sustainable Energy Solutions in East Africa Catalogue, South Asia Eco-Village Development ToT, 100% Renewables
September 3, 2020 - Online Zoom Meeting; Time: 9 AM (Nairobi, Kenya time)
Launch of Report: 100 % Renewable Energy Scenario in Kenya by 2050

Download the Report as pdf file:
100 % Renewable Energy Scenario in Kenya by 2050 (pdf, 2 MB)
Download Presentations and Report from:
March 2020
Policy Brief, Tanzania by TaTEDO
CSOs Call for Accelerating Implementation of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) in Tanzania in Order to Close the Energy Gap
Download: Policy Brief (pdf)
February 2020
Policy Brief, Kenya by Suswatch
SDG7 Implenetation: the Kenya Scenario
Download: Policy Brief (pdf)
December, 2019
INFORSE-East Africa at UNFCCC COP25, Madrid, Spain
INFORSE Side Event (Dec.13) and Exhibition (Dec. 9-10), Policy Briefs
More: Side Event, Exhibition, Policy Briefs at COP25.
October 7, 2019
PUBLICATION LAUNCH: EASE-CA Project Publications of Baseline Studies on Sustainable Energy and Climate Solutions:
East Africa Regional & International; Kenya; Uganda; Tanzania; Districts in Uganda.
Download publications from: EASE-CA project site.

July, 2019 - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania
NEW PROJECT in East Africa: EASE-CA INFORSE-East Africa NGO Cooperation Project Start
Title of Project: East African Civil Society for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action
Period: July 2019- July 2022
Read more: EASE-CA Project

December 3-14, 2018
INFORSE - ENDA - INSEDA at UNFCCC COP24, Katowice, Poland
More: Side Event and Exhibition at COP24
- Policy Brief INFORSE East Africa for COP24 (pdf)
- Policy Brief - Guideline social effects of large-scale renewables; West Africa (pdf)
Read: Short Review: What was decided at COP24 (pdf)

May 21-24, 2018
Nairobi, Kenya

PIPA Project Meeting, INFORSE East Africa
& INFORSE Coordinator's Meeting
November 6-17, 2017
UNFCCC COP23, Bonn, Germany
Side Event, and Exhibition with INFORSE-East Africa participation

Read more:
PIPA Project and INFORSE at COP23
May 8, 2017
Launch of 4 Publications: PIPA Baseline Studies
National: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
Regional: East Africa

Download the Publications from: PIPA Project
New Project in East Africa: Promoting the Implementation of the Paris Agreement in East Africa (PIPA)
In the Project, INFORSE is cooperating with TaTEDO in Tanzania, Suswatch Kenya, and Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD) and SustainableEnergy in Denmark (project leader).
Read more: PIPA Project
2016 -2018
New Project in West Africa: Accelerating Implementation of Regional Policies on Clean Energy (ACE)
In the Project, INFORSE is cooperating with ENDA (INFORSE cordinator) in Senegal, CEAS in Burkina Faso, MFC in Mali, JVE in Benin, OPED in Togo, AFHON in Cote d’Ivoire, CODDAE in Niger, and SustainableEnergy (in Denmark, project leader).
Read more: ACE Project
Launch Project: Low Carbon Strategies - NGO Networks' Cooperation Project
in East & West Africa, South Asia and Latin America: Promoting Pro-Poor Low-Carbon Development Strategies
4 June 2014
Launch of Publication: "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection"

UN Climate Change COP Pre-Conference to COP19, Bonn Germany
- How energy can be provided sustainably, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing
Cases in Asia and Africa. Compiled by the INFORSE members.
The Draft was Launched at UNFCCC COP19 in Poland, 2013.
Read: Leaflet with Frontpage and Contents. (pdf, 2-page)
Download the full text as pdf from Publication (from June 2014).
2014: News from INFORSE West Africa

May 2014 -Togo
Regional NGO Meeting and INFORSE-West Africa Regional Meeting in Togo.

Contact: INFORSE-West Africa c/o ENDA-Energy.

November 2013: INFORSE-Africa members were represented at UNFCCC COP 19, 2013
Representatives of ENDA and Mali Folkecenter were speakers at the INFORSE Side Event.

Read more at: INFORSE-Africa at the UN.

2013: News from INFORSE - West Africa

- 17-21 April 2013: "Déclaration of Conakry" from the Réseau Climat Développement Annual Meeting. 20 participants from 17 countries, including INFORSE members like ENDA and Mali Folkecenter.

- 4-18 June 2013: " Environmental Pact" by the Civil Society in Mali Launched in a Forum oranised by the Ministry. It was drafted Mali-Folkecenter in collaboration with the Malian Civil society network on climate chang since 2012.

- 6 February 2013: Workshop on Sustainable Biofuels in Mali organised by Mali Folkecenter.

- Capacity building and Inception meeting of the project on Vulnerability Assessment and Integration of Climate Change into Local Development Plans of two districts in Dakar and Fatick in Senegal.

2013: News from INFORSE - East Africa:
- October 2013: INFORSE Regional Meeting in East Africa
INFORSE Publication Energy Access and Climate 2013 November 18
Launch of Publication: "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection"

- How energy can be provided with sustainable energy, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing"
Cases in Asia and Africa
Compiled by the INFORSE members.
Draft Launched at UNFCCC COP19.
Read Contents (1 page pdf)
Final Verson will be Online in January 2014
INFORSE Publication Energy Access2012 Publication Energy Access Cases
2011 - 2012: News from INFORSE - East Africa
January 2012: INFORSE-East African NGO Meeting on Financing Renewable Energy, Kampala, Uganda.
October 2011: East African NGOs Meeting on Energy
25 August 2011: INFORSE National NGO Meeting, Kampala, Uganda
2011 - 2012: News from INFORSE - West Africa
January 19, 2012: INFORSE-West Afica Meeting in Niamey
2009 December:
INFORSE-Africa members participated at UNFCCC COP15 as NGO observers. Representatives of members made presentations at the side events, and made several contacts at the INFORSE information booths. Read proceedings and see pictures at:
2009 April:
INFORSE-members Cooperation Project in Uganda

Cooperation among: JEEP (Joint Energy and Environment Projects) in Uganda Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark, and the Mali Folkecenter in 2007-09.
Download: Sustainable Energy News 64 pdf 1.6 MB file (article is on page 10.)
More: JEEP, and Nordic Folkecenter.

2009 January:
Publication of INFORSE-East Africa Cooperation
Sustainable Energy Solutions in East Africa

The report focuses on the framework required if small-scale sustainable energy projects are to succeed in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The report discusses each country’s energy situation together with country-specific experiences and recommendations. Afterwards, general experiences and recommendations are summarized.
Efforts of the NGOs involved have been coordinated within the framework of the East African coordination node of INFORSE (CDI, Uganda).

Edited by Timothy Byakola, Climate and Development Initiatives (CDI) & INFORSE East Africa, Uganda; Oscar Lema, Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organisation (TaTEDO); and Torhildur Kristjansdottir and John Lineikro, Norges Naturvernforbund (FoE Norway).
Pdf, 542 kB, 42 p., January, 2009.
- Download Publication from: FoE-Norway
- More information: TaTEDO in Tanzania, CDI in Uganda,and FoE Norway .

2008 December
INFORSE participated as NGO observer at the UNFCCC COP14, December 1-12, 2008. INFORSE also had an exhibition stall and a side event
From the INFORSE Africa Coordinators participated: ENDA (Senegal) and Earthlife Africa (South Africa). ENDA also participated with its own exhibition stall. Read more on the INFORSE participation at the conference at COP14

German Volunteers to Africa
If your organisation in Africa, would like to host a young volunteer from Germany, please read the German INFORSE member Artefact's call: Solivol.
2008 July
- Play to electricity in Namibia
Article in Sustainable Energy News (SEN) issue 61. See at page 9 on SEN # 61.
Articles from 2004:
2004: Article: No smoke while the sun shines this Earth Day (pdf file)
By Richard Worthington, Coordinator of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Partnership, a project of Earthlife Africa Johannesburg
(Opinion Piece that appeared in Business Day and This Day, 22 April 2004)
2004: Article: Renewable Energy Can also get South Africa working (PDF file)
By Claire Taylor, Information Coordinator, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change
Partnership, a project of Earthlife Africa, Johannesburg and member of the Energy
See more in Sustainable Energy News