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WHITE PAPER: Climate Mitigation & Adaption with Eco-Village Development (EVD)Solutions in South Asia
Technologies include: Improved cookstoves, Household biogas plants, (solar home systems, solar lamps). Village scale power (mini and micro grids), Solar drying. Organic Farming, Composting, Climate mitigation effects on village level.
This report analyses climate change mitigation effects of Eco-Village Development (EVD) solutions that are being implemented and promoted by a number of grassroots organisations to help villagers in South Asia achieve climate resilient, sustainable development. Of the solutions promoted within the EVD concept and projects, this report presents analysis of six that are estimated to be of the most importance on a regional scale for climate mitigation and adaptation. Other solutions can be more important locally, depending in the specific local conditions.

The six selected solutions are: improved cookstoves, household biogas plants, solar home systems,solar mini and micro grids, solar drying, and organic farming including composting.

This report analyses the greenhouse emission reductions (climate change mitigation) that can be achieved on household and village level. The six EVD solutions are analysed in the chapters 3-8. In the final chapter (9) are presented examples of total village-level greenhouse emission reductions.

The analysis covers all substantial greenhouse emission that contributors to the report have been able to identify and quantify. Also adaptation benefits are identified, but generally not quantified.

ISBN 978-87-970130-0-7, INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy

Available for Download:

EVD White Paper Summary 2018

White Paper - Full Report 2018 (45 pp., pdf)

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