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Southern Voices on
Climate Change
Capacity Building Programme

December, 2014

INFORSE continues to participate in the "Southern Voices" Programme to increase the capacity of NGOs to work on climate policies.
The Program's Phase 2 (2012-2014) is the continuation of the Phase 1 (2011-2012).

INFORSE South Asia is involved with the Coordinator, Raymond Myles, INSEDA, and INFORSE member organisations in the region.

INFORSE uses the programme to:

  • Increase the networking among NGOs that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency for access to energy. This is important for the necessary introduction of sustainable and affordable access to energy for all. The networking shall help increasing the knowledge as well as the advocacy capacity of the NGOs to promote the sustainable energy solutions. If you want to be involved in the INFORSE contact list and/or network, please see here.
  • Collect and coordinate NGO positions on climate mitigation and how people and countries can participate while reducing poverty and improve their development.
  • Organise regional meetings of INFORSE members.
  • Organise national activities in selected countries.
  • Collect cases with good practices in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency for increased energy access, both cases on policy initiatives and cases on actual better access to energy. The cases will be used for inspiration of NGOs as well as for advocating better conditions for the increased use sustainable energy to increase access to energy. See the publication Energy Access and Climate Protection Cases (December 2014 Update), and Energy Access Cases (2012).

    INFORSE Publication Energy Access and Climate
    - December, 2014
    Update of Publication:
    "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection"

    - 4 June 2014, Bonn, Germany
    Launch of Publication at Bonn, UN Climate COP Pre-Conference
    - How energy can be provided with sustainable energy, reducing emissions and increasing well being", Cases in Asia and Africa. Compiled by the INFORSE members.

  • -18 November 2013

    Launch of Draft Publication at the UNFCCC COP19

    Download from: Publication (The full text as pdf is available).

For contacts to the Project, contact INFORSE Regional Coordinators and Focal Points, and INFORSE-South Asia.

The Programme is made by a consortium of five Danish NGOs, Climate Action Network and IIED. It is coordinated by CARE Denmark and funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). INFORSE activities also include INFORSE-South Asia, INFORSE-Africa, INFORSE-Europe, and the Danish INFORSE member "Sustainable Energy".

30 October, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark
Seminar: Learning from Southern Voices: How to make advocacy on climate change more effective.

Launch Publication: Climate Change Advocacy Tool
Toolkit 1: Start Here! Introducing Advocacy and the Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits
Toolkit 2: Planning Advocacy
Toolkit 3: Framing the Debate: Messages and Communication
Toolkit 4: Strengthening Advocacy Networks
Toolkit 5: Influencing Decision Makers
Toolkit 6: Engaging the Public
Toolkit 7: Engaging the Media
Toolkit 8: Supporting Local Voices
Toolkit 9: Policy Implementation & Finance

Read more:
- Program: Seminar, October 30, 2014
- Download Publication from: Climate Change Advocacy Toolkit

21 May, 2012, Bonn Germany
New report by the Southern Voices programme, involving INFORSE, Climate Action Network, CLACC and other networks:
Report Reveals Key Role for Civil Society in Policymaking in a Changing Climate
Press Release: pdf file (21 kB)

Download the Report from the Project's web site:

Read about the overall programme at / (new)

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