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Low Carbon Strategies -
NGO Networks' Cooperation Project in
East & West Africa, South Asia and Latin America
Promoting Pro-Poor, Low-Carbon Development Strategies
April 2014 - April 2016

Project Title:
Promoting Pro-Poor Low-Carbon Development Strategies.

Project Description:
The Project is to strengthen climate-policy networks in East and West Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. The Project supports national and regional climate campaigns focusing on promoting Pro-Poor Low-Carbon Development Strategies.

Aiming Building NGO Advocacy Capacity:
The project specifically aims to increase the ability of Southern civil society networks to promote fair and pro-poor low carbon strategies of their own governments related to climate-change policies and sustainable development. The Project increases the capacity of the networks and organisations to advocate, to monitor policies, and to raise awareness on pro-poor low carbon development strategies.

Background of the Project:
The Project is building on the experiences of the participating organisations and two previous NGO cooperation projects:"Southern Voices on Climate Change Project" (2011-2014).

Project Partners:
4 regional and 13 national climate networks including Climate Action Networks (CAN) and International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE).

Project Duration:
April 2014 - April 2016

The activities include regional activities in 3 continents in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and international activity focusing on the UNFCCC.

In South Asia: Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) and the INFORSE regional coordinator INSEDA are promoting low-carbon development together with a number of stakeholders as well as with activities in India and Sri Lanka. The activities focus on national climate strategies and the development of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC's) to UNFCCC.

In India, All India Women's Conference (AIWC) is a key partner in the activities that have included 11 national and state-level consultations and worskhops, policy briefs, other publications, and public outreach via TV.

In Sri Lanka, IDEA is a key partner in the activities that have included 9 local and national consultations as well as development of documentation of the benefits of pro-poor, low-carbon development.

Regionally, the focus is on the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

Internationally, the South Asia activities were presented by AIWC at side events of the UNFCCC COP21 on December 3, 2015 (UN Blue Zone), and December 8, 2015 (Public Forum of Climate Generation Area), and a UNFCCC Policy Brief was launched in the framework of a knowledge sharing workshop on December 2, 2015.

Read more on the activities:

- Article: Promoting Poverty-Reducing Low-Carbon Development Strategies in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.
The 3-page article was published in Sustainable Energy News issue 77, December 2015.
PDF file (3-page pdf, 0.5 MB)

- Policy Brief: Pro-Poor, Low-Carbon Development Policy Brief for UNFCCC COP21, Paris, December 2, 2015 PDF file (8-page pdf, 0.5 MB)

- Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka. March 31, 2016.
Link to concept note and agenda at CANSA. and event and project description at IDEA in Sri Lanka.

- Five workshops in July-November 2015 in India organised by AIWC, India, INFORSE-South Asia.
Title: "Low Carbon Development Strategies with focus on women and poverty reduction"
Download: Workshops' Report of AIWC (PDF file
pdf file)

- Proceedings of the UNFCCC COP21 Side Events on December 3 and December 8, 2015 are available at INFORSE web site.

The Participating INFORSE South Asia Organisations:
India:------------INFORSE-South Asia / INSEDA: Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association,
--------------------- which is also INFORSE South Asia Coordinator ( att. Raymond Myles.
---------------------AIWC: All India Women's Conference ( att. Usha Nair, Kalyani Raj.
Sri Lanka:--- IDEA: Integrated Development Association (
---------------- --- att. Dumindu Indika Herath, R.M. Amerasekera, Namiz Musafer.

The Participating Networks:
INFORSE--- International Network for Sustainable Energy (, att. Gunnar Boye Olesen, Judit Szoleczky.
INFORSE - South Asia ( att. Raymond Myles
- - Climate Action Network South Asia ( att. Sanjay Vashist, Anoop Poonia.

The Project Coordinator:
The Danish NGO "SustainableEnergy" (in Danish: VedvarendeEnergi)
att. Maria Graversen mg[@] and Gunnar Boye Olesen gbo[@]

LCD Project's Links at Partners:

In Asia: CAN-South Asia, and
In India: INSEDA, and AIWC & AIWC Report (PDF file
pdf file)
In Sri Lanka: IDEA.

In Africa: TATEDO East Africa-and INFORSE-Africa

Global: INFORSE, and CAN-International, and SustainableEnergy

The Project is Supported by:
Fund for Climate and Environment administered by CISU - Civil Society in Development, an association of 280+ Danish non-profit, membership based NGOs/CSOs. The Fund is financed by DANIDA.