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Publication: Eco-Village Development as Climate Solution
Proposals from South Asia

EVD Publication May 2016
_Publication: Eco-Village Development as Climate Solution -
_Proposals from South Asia
__Second Edition published: May 2016
__by INFORSE, INFORSE-South Asia, INSEDA, India, CRT Nepal, IDEA Sri Lanka,
__Grameen Shakti Bangladesh and CANSA.
__60 pages, 2016.
__Download: Final (3rd) edition, August 2016: (PDF file pdf file, 60 pages, 3.8 MB)


Overview and Summary p. 6

1. Eco-Village Development in South Asia as Climate Solution p. 6
1.1 Context: Poverty, Development and Climate Change p. 8
1.2 Energy Challenges in South Asia p. 9
1.3 GHG Emissions from Energy & Associated Threats p. 10
1.4 Need for Low Carbon Pathway p. 11
1.5 Solution for Alternative Co-benefits Pathway: Pro-poor Eco-Village Development p. 12
1.6 Challenges to Pro-Poor Eco-Village Development p. 12

2. Eco Village Development
2.1 The Concept p. 14
2.2 The Importance p. 15
2.3 Focus on Local Organisation p. 17
2.4 The Solutions: The Renewable Energy Technologies p. 18
Cooking Devices: Household Biogas Plant, Improved Cookstoves, Portable Improved Cookstoves, Improved large scale biomass stoves for household industries.
Electricity: Solar lights, Improved watermill. Hydraulic ram pump.
Agriculture and Food Production: Organic Farming and Kitchen Gardening Organic Compost-Making Baskets, Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting: Domestic Solar Dryer, Greenhouse.
Beyond Implementation.

3. Actions Needed to Build Sustainable Villages on a Large Scale
3.1 The Roadmap for Policy Makers p. 25
3.2 Recommendations for The South Asian Region p. 26
3.3 International Recommendations p.32

4. What Villagers Want? p. 34
4.1 India: Income Generation; Women’s Empowerment; Food Security
4.2 Bangladesh: Energy Access; Safe Energy Access
4.3 Nepal: Livelihood Training; Renewable Energy Technology for Women Empowerment
4.4 Sri Lanka: Decrease Energy Intensity and Lower Costs; Energy Efficiency and Technology Transfer
4.5 South Asia: Efficient Cookstoves with Chimneys

5. Local Success Stories p. 40
5.1 Bangladesh: Solar Powered Clustered Houses at Kuakata Costal Area; Solar Powered Khowamuri Village in Manikganj District
5.2 India: Mukesh and his Greenhouse; Bimla and her Solar Dryer; Purnidevi’s Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Structure
5.3 Sri Lanka: Mr. Dharmaratne’s Improved Brick Kiln; Mr. Rajapakse’s Improved Industrial Cookstove with Two Potholes
5.4 Nepal: Hydraulic Ram Pump (Hydram) to Improve Water Access; Improved Water Mill for Electrification in Sindhuli District; Other income generating opportunities generated by IWM: Light to Tailoring, Replacing the Diesel Mill

Abbreviation p. 59
List of Partners p. 60


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-- India: June 28, 2016.
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