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Contents of Publication:
Socio-Technical Manual for Training of Trainers on Eco-Village Development in
South Asia

Manual on Participatory Planning, Technology and Knowledge Transfer of Eco-Village Development (EVD) in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Socio-Technical Manual for Training of Trainers (ToT)
Manual on Participatory Planning, Technology and Knowledge Transfer of Eco-Village Development (EVD) in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

132 pages. 2018 December.
English ISBN: 978-87-970130-3-8 (PRINT), 978-87-970130-4-5 (PDF)

Published by the Eco-Village Development Project Partners:
INFORSE, INFORSE-South Asia, INSEDA in India, CRT/N in Nepal, IDEA in Sri Lanka, Grameen Shakti in Bangladesh, CAN-South Asia and DIB (project coordinator) in Denmark.

PDF file ToT in English (132 pp., 7.6 MB);- and - PDF file ToT in English WEB edition (132 pp., 3 MB)

PDF file ToT in Nepali (114 pp., 9 MB); -and - PDF file ToT in Nepali WEB edition (114 pp., 3 MB)

PDF file ToT in Hindi (112 pp., 8 MB); and - PDF file -ToT in Bangla (77 pp., 9 MB)

PDF file ToT, Sri Lanka - Edition in Sinhala. (97 pp., 6.5 MB), PDF file ToT Int. Edition in Sinhala (not available yet)


- 1. Introduction to Manual on Training of Trainers (TOTs) on Eco-Village Development (EVD). p. 4
- 2. Participatory Planning of Eco-Village Development (EVD). p. 7
- 3. Planning and Organizing Implementation of EVD Program. p. 14
- 4. Cooking Solutions and Improved Cook Stoves (ICS). p. 19
- 5. Off-grid Solar Power and Lighting Solutions. p. 29
- 6. Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting System. p. 34
- 7. Household Biogas Plants. p. 38
- 8. Organic Composting. p. 49
- 9. Organic Agriculture in General. p. 54
10. Solar Drying of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops, Spices and Herbs. p. 60
11. Solar Greenhouse. p. 67
12. Improved Water Mill (IWM). p. 72
13. Biomass Waste for Rural Brick Production. p. 75
14. Other Low-Carbon Appropriate Green Technologies. p. 79
-- - A. - Wind Turbine, B. - Hydraulic Ram Pump, C. - Micro-Irrigation Systems,
-- - D. - Solar Street Light, E. - Solar Water Pump,
-- - F. - Parabolic Solar Cooker, G. - Improved Kitchen

Appendix p. 87

Case Studies

1 - Collecting Baseline and Village Planning, India. p. 88
2 - “Anagi” Improved Biomass Stove, Sri Lanka. p. 91
3 - Biomass Waste for Brick Production, Sri Lanka p. 92
4 - Hybrid Wind Turbine, India. p. 94
5 - Solar Powered House, Bangladesh. p. 97
6 - Village Development Plan, Sri Lanka. p. 98
7 - Solar Water Pump, Bangladesh. p. 100
8 - Organic Vegetable Farming, Nepal. p. 116
9 - High-Value Tree Plantation, Nepal. p. 118

Construction Manual
Bamboo Reinforced Cement Mortar Water Storage Tank. p. 120
Bamboo Woven Compost Basket. p. 124

Read More and References p. 126

Contacts p. 131

Published in the framework of an NGO cooperation Project titled “Advocating for upscaling for local climate solutions as Eco-Village Development as a mean to strengthen pro-poor climate agenda in South Asia” supported by Climate and Environment Fund of CISU - Civil Society in Development, Denmark, in 2016-18

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