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Ministers & NGOs to Discuss Sustainable Energy in June ´98
For the first time, sustainable energy will be on the agenda of the Pan-European Environmental Ministers' Meeting, when they meet in Århus on June 23-25. Among
their many topics, they will discuss a European Energy Conservation Initiative, and maybe adopt a guideline for improved energy conservation. They might also discuss
nuclear power. The present list of official and NGO events is:

Saturday, June 20: Opening of NGO exhibition on environment, sustainable energy, etc.
Sunday, June 20: ECO-Forum Meeting, open meeting of the environmental NGOs to set a final strategy for the ministers' meeting.
Monday, June 22: Open expert meeting on future energy conservation activities in Europe, organised by the Danish Energy Agency.
Tuesday, June 23: Ministerial Conference.
Parallel INFORSE workshop of NGO activities for energy conservation and success stories of sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe.
Wednesday, June 24: Ministerial Conference with NGO dialogue session on public participation in environmental decision-making.
Thursday, June 25: Ministerial Conference.
Parallel INFORSE workshop on renewable-energy education package for email/internet use.
Friday, June 26: INFORSE-Europe Meeting
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ISSUE #20 Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1998-02-01)
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