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Contents SEN 9
front page of SEN 9
Editorial: Stronger Support Needed for Sustainable Energy P. 2

INFORSE Traning and Information- call for Input P. 3

World News P. 3
- Climate Summit
- CSD Considers Sustainable Energy
- UNDP - Initiative for Sustainable Energy (UNISE)
- New Information from the World Bank

Regional News, Asia P. 5
- Non-Conventional Energy Devices for Women,
- Experience from AIWC, India; New India Sustainable Development Network
- Problematic Hydropawer in Laos and Mekong Basin

Regional News, Africa P. 7
-Socio-Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Technologies
- Solar Cooking in Africa

Regional News, Europe P. 8
- INFORSE Seminar & Meeting,CANCEE- Annual Meeting
- NGOs Active for the Sofia Meeting, Oct.'95
- Volunteers for Clean Energy in the Czech Republic, July

Regional News, North America P. 10
- Earth Day
- InterAction Conference & Sustainable Energy
- Congressional Budget
- Proposals to Down-Size the Department of Energy
- New Person in INforSE North America

Regional News, Latin America P. 11
- INFORSE Meeting
- Sustainable Energies for Rural Development in Uruguay
- Windmill Park in Patagonia
- First Uruguay and Chile. Now Argentina

Simple Seawater Destination P. 13

Publications P. 14

Events P. 15

Join the INFORSE Network P. 16

WorId Contact List P. 16
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ISSUE #9, Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1995-06-09)
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