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Contents SEN 5
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Editorial Small Islands - Important Partners in Sustainable Energy Development P. 3
by René Karottki, Forum for Energy and Development, Denmark

Inforse Campaign on Sustainable Energy for Social Development P. 3

Regional News, Africa P. 4
- West African INFORSE Meeting
- International campaign for renewable energy sources
- Lobbying of International Institutions
- The INFORSE International Prize
- African Regional Energy and Environment Policy Seminar
- Climate and Africa Project: An Assessment of African Policy Options and Responses

Earth Charter under Development P. 5

Regional News, Asia P. 6
- Asian Pacific INFORSE Meeting
- Workshops on the Philippines
- Biogas Legislation Proposal
- RE Power at the Philippines
- Solar Cookers in India - Performance Standards introduced
- Solar Drying
- Private Power in Thailand
- Narmada Fights Continue
- Garbage to Gold in India
- Garbage to Gold in India
- Decreased restrictions
- Wind, PV, Small Hydro
- Energy Cycle Reached a Critical Point in India

Regional News, Europe P. 8
- INFORSE Campaign Taking off in Europe
- INFORSE Europe Meeting, July 9
- European NGO Energy Seminar

Regional News, Latin America P. 9
- Regional INFORSE Meeting in Rio de Janeiro
- Solar-Based Rural Electrification
- Sunpower's Popular Solar Heater - Proposal for Rio '92

Addressing the Energy Needs of America's Poor P. 10
by M. Morgan-Hubbard and M. R. Mizuno, Environmental Action, USA

Small Island Developing States: Global Leasers with Renewable Energy P. 12
by R. Karottki and R. Gade, Forum for Energy and Development, Denmark

Sustainable Energy and Social Development in China P. 12
by Shen Chang-Jiang and Qi Wenhu

GREECA- Global Renewable Energy and Ecology Centers for Action P. 17
by Thorkil Jacobsen, Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

New UN Committee on Renewable Energy P. 18

Publications P. 18

Events P. 19
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ISSUE #5, Sustainable Energy News (20 pages) (1994-06-25)
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