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Contents SEN 3 Sustainable Energy News December 1993
front page of SEN 3
Editorial P. 3
- Clinton's Slow Progress on Energy Policy

Inforse Update P. 4
- Coordinating Meeting
- Next Coordinating meeting in Washington or Nairobi, 1994
- Action Plan
- Guideline for Membership

Regional News, Africa P. 5
- The Eastern(and Southern) Africa meeting plan
- Action Plan &meeting for INFORSE Western Africa
- Two INFORSE Regions in Africa
- Solar Success in Rural Senegal
- Central Biogas Plant in Dar Es Salaam
- Protest Against Batoka Dam

Regional News, Asia P.6
- Regional Workshop and INFORSE Meeting in New Delhi, India
- Workshop, Exhibition and INFORSE Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam
- Philippine Solar Dryers
- World Bank Loan to Indian Power Sector
- Solar Thermal Power for India?
- Simple Proposals for Solar Distillation

World Coal Use Levels Off P.7

Regional News, Europe P.8
- INFORS-Europe bylaws under preparation
- INFORSE Campaign in Europe
- NGO Demands for CO2/Energy tax
- European Energy and Environment park in Leipzig Region
- VAT Revenue for Energy Savings
- Environmentally clean Energetics(GNTPR)
- Energy Strategies and Information- European NGO Seminar '94
- Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister

Prospects for Renewable Energy in the United Kingdom, November 1993 P. 9

Regional News, Latin America P.10
- Brazilian NGO Energy Roundtable
- Meeting and action plan for INFORSE Latin America
- NGO Training Programs and Public Outreach Programs

Regional News, North America P.10
-Sun Day 1994
-Last Unclear Battle in USA?

A New Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil? P. 11

Boycott of SIEMENS P.11

PV- Wind Electric Hybrid System for Stand Alone Application P.12

Unplugged P.15

Campaign on Sust. Energy and Social Development P.16
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ISSUE #3, Sustainable Energy News (12 pages pdf) (1993-12-25)
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