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Contents SEN 59
Front pagr SEN 59
Editorial p. 2-3
Climate Changing in Bali
- Raising Hopes

Europe: p. 4-8
INFORSE-Europe Seminars p. 4-5
- Romanian Energy Policy and
Sustainable Energy Visions
- Macedonia is Implementing EU
Legislation - But Not Yet in Practice
- European Sustainable Energy Policies in Turkey
- Poland & EU: A Lot Needs to be Done

Trainees: INFORSE Secretariat

EU Policy Update: p. 6-7
- Support for Renewable Energy - or?
- EU Emissions Trading
- EU Energy and Gas Markets
- Strategic Energy-Technology Plan
- Ecodesign, Now on Electric Light
- International Energy Efficiency Platform

Meet INFORSE-Europe and the
editors of Sustainable Energy News
January 28 - February 1, 2008

SPARE p. 8
“We Can Contribute to Reduction of CO2 Emissions”

Asia: p. 9
A Great No-smoke - Kitchen in Sri Lanka

World: p. 9
- Global Energy Partnerships: GVEP, EUEI, REEEP
- Progress on an International Organisation for Renewable Energy - Message from WREA, Bonn

Publications p. 11
Energy Watch Group Reports

Back Page p. 12
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