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Contents SEN 53
Frontpage SEN53
Editorial p.2
Global Cooperation on Efficiency

INFORSE/World p.3
INFORSE at the UN CSD-14,outcome, side-events, nuclear concern

Europe p.4-7 (+9, 10)
INFORSE-Europe News
Sustainable Energy Seminar on the Solta Island, Croatia
Sustainable Energy Visions for Lithuania and Croatia
Energy-Efficiency Watch Sustainability Criteria for Biofuels Needed
EU Policy Update
- EU Energy Policy
- Energy Ministers Promote Biomass
- Solar Thermal Technology
- Platform Launched
- New record in PV
- Nuclear Phase-out in Spain
- Spain Approves National Solar
- Thermal Obligation

SPARE Goes Global
School Project and Conference, Budapest, April 2006
Central Asia-European Forum, Kyrgyzstan
Low-Cost Solar Heaters, Kyrgyzstan
Biogas Center in Kazakhstan (p.9)
Lessons from Chernobyl (p.10)

Featuring INFORSE Member Organizations p.8
One Week at the Folkecenter in Denmark

Asia/Africa p.9-10:
Better Sustainable Energy Solutions to Reduce Poverty
INFORSE-South Asia Regional Meeting
An Exciting Opportunity - Small Hydro Power

Events p.11
12-15 July, 2006, Solar Cookers International Conference, Granada, Spain from
August 11-19, 2006, ISES Summer Workshop, Freiburg, Germany
September 3-8, 2006, Sustainable Energy NGO Seminar, Solta Island, Croatia,
September 28-October 1, 2006, Germany RENEXPO'06

Back Page p.12
- Sustainable Energy NGO Seminar Solta Island, Croatia September 3-8, 2006
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