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Contents SEN 18
Frontpage of SEN 18
Contents of Sustainable Energy News #18

Editorial p.2
- Energy & Development After UNGASS

World p.3 - 5
- Rio needs More Energy
- Environment Now on UNESCO's Agenda
- Reflections on CONFINTEA
- World Solar Program Launched

Asia p.6-7
- India’s Leading Windpower

Africa p.8-9
- Renewable Energy Technologies in Africa
- New Projects in E. & S. Africa
- The Solar Boom in Kenya

Americas p.10-11
- INFORSE Workshop, Argentina
- USA News
- Innovative Experiences in Environmental Education in

Europe p.12-13
- INFORSE - Europe Meeting, New Action Plan
- and European news...

Technical Articles p.14-17:
- Biogas: Indian NGO Experiences
- Solar Heated Water Pays for Itself in Russia
- Doubling Wealth, - Using Half of the Resource

Publications p. 18

Events p. 19

Sustainable Energy News on CD-Rom p. 20

Renewable Energy Islands p. 20

Sustainable Energy Worldwide Contact

List (excl. Europe) Included

Photo on front page:
Ruth Namusubo, Uganda at the INFORSE Workshop
at CONFINTEA V (see article p. 4).
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Sustainable Energy News
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ISSUE #18. Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1997-09-01)
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