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Wind Industry in Ukraine
By Viktor Vasko, Institute of Electrodynamics, Kiev, Ukraine

In spite of transition and crisis in the economy, Ukrainian wind power is developing as a national industry with better results than wind power in other Eastern European countries.
Only in the 1980’s did wind turbine development became a priority in Ukraine. The first steps were taken in Kiev, by scientists from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Several prototypes of small windmills of up to 20 kW in capacity were constructed. In the latter part of the 1980’s, in the design bureau “Yuzhnoe”, 200 kW, 250 kW, and, later, 500 kW wind turbines were developed. Construction of commercial windmills started in 1992 at pilot wind-power plants at Aktashskaya, Chernomorskaya, and Adjigolskaya, and one year later at Donuzlawskaya, using Ukrainian designed wind turbines as well as turbines produced under licence from USA.
The ”Comprehensive Program to Build Windmills in Ukraine until 2010” was created and legislated as a Presidential Decree in 1996 and became a governmental ordinance in 1997. It is a programme for practical action in the sphere of the development of wind energy in Ukraine. Other legislation also supports the development and, in the near future, a new Ukrainian standard for testing and production of windmills will be legislated.
Financing for the fulfilment of the Comprehensive Program comes from a tariff on electricity, which constitutes 0,75% of the consumers’ electricity price. According to the Program, the total capacity of wind power in Ukraine is planned to reach 1990 MW by 2010. The biggest planned wind park is Donuzlavskaya with a capacity of 500 MW.
The distribution and characteristics of winds across the territory of Ukraine have been measured by meteorological stations. The best areas, with average wind speeds greater than 5,0 m/s at a height of 10 meters, are the Carpathian and the Crimean mountain regions, the Western and Eastern parts of Crimea, the Black Sea and Azov Sea coastal areas, the Donbas region, and the Eastern part of Ukraine. Within the framework of the TACIS Program (EU technical assistance for Ukraine and other CIS-countries), a wind atlas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has been created. Now, the creation of a full wind atlas of Ukraine is in progress.
As of December, 1999, 120 windmills with a total capacity 15,42 MW have been created, using windmills produced in Ukraine, as pilot plants and for industrial use. Sites have been chosen for more than 50% of the planned new wind-power plants.
More information:
Viktor Vasko, Institute of Electrodynamics, National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Department of Utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources, 20 A, Krasnogvardeyskaya St., Kiev-94
252094, Ukraine. Ph:/fax: +380 44 559 23 63
E-mail: (subject: to V. Vasko),

More than 30 manufacturers and research organisations are involved in the Ukranian wind-energy sector.
The biggest of these are:
• State Research and Planning-Constructional Institute of Non-Traditional Energy and Electric Technologies (Kiev),
• Scientific-industrial enterprise ”Yuzhnoe” (Dnipropetrovsk), producing AVE-250c, WEU-220/500
• Ukrainian-American joint-venture ”Windenergo Ltd” (Kiev), producing USW 56-100
• Company ”Energy systems and equipment” ESO (Dnipropetrovsk), producing ESO-0420
• State scientific-industrial enterprise ”Vetroenergoservis” (Simferopol).

- Wind map of Ukraine. Average wind-speed distribution at a height of 10 meters.

- (above) wind turbines ESO-0420 after installation at Evpatoriyskaya wind power plant

- (right) wind turbines USW 56-100, Donuzlavskaya wind power plant
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