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How to Design Projects?
Clean Development Mechanism
Workshop in Uganda Funded by INFORSE
By Ulrik Jacobsen, INFORSE South-South-North Co-operation Fund
In Uganda, the local member of INFORSE “Climate and Development Initiatives” (CDI) is taking the lead by hosting a national workshop on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), on February 1-2, 2000.
The workshop will be attended by more members of INFORSE from Uganda as well as by members of the Biomass Users Network (BUN) from Zimbabwe and of the Climate Network Africa (CNA) from Kenya. Papers will be presented on how to design and implement CDM projects. Working groups will discuss potential projects, capacity-building needs, and the role that various sectors in the CDM regime in Uganda could play.
INFORSE Acts as Forum
This year the 6th conference of countries (COP-6) in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It will have a special focus on the CDM as a means of funding projects that reduce emissions and promote sustainable development.

While the CDM may offer access to additional funding for developing countries, many countries lack the public knowledge and capacity to benefit from the CDM. The financial, technical, and managerial capacities of smaller developing countries to compete favourably in the CDM market is limited, and this might result in their marginalisation by countries such as India, China and Brazil.

It is therefore, critical that INFORSE act as a forum for discussion on the CDM as a prelude to COP-6 in Amsterdam, and as a platform for future capacity-building activities

The workshop is funded by the INFORSE South-South-North Co-operation Fund. The fund benefits INFORSE by supporting concrete discussion and capacity-building activities by INFORSE members. The fund also supports the completion of preparatory work necessary to submit a full project proposal to a donor agency.

More information:
- About the national workshop: Timothy Byakola, Climate and Development Initiatives (CDI), P.O. Box 8849, Kampala, Uganda. Ph: +256-41-347762, fax: +256-41-234248,
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