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Rural Models
Uganda and Mozambique are considering developing new rural electricity distribution models involving local private-sector suppliers and communities in off-grid areas. Pilot operations will involve encouraging the local people to establish small private energy companies to bulk-purchase electricity from local utilities for distribution. In addition, they will be encouraged to consider off-grid systems such as hybrids, mini hydros, and renewables. The primary focus in Mozambique will be on provincial capitals, less than one-third of which are electrified.

Source: African Energy, Issue No. 18, September, 1999. E-mail:,
Affordable Solar Energy
The Ministry of Energy and the Uganda Renewable Energy Association are collaborating to enhance rural electrification. The project will make it easier and more affordable for rural homes and businesses to get electricity from solar energy. Credit systems are in place and will be administered by the Uganda Women’s Finance Trust.

More information: Uganda Photovoltaic Pilot Project for Rural Electrification, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development/Uganda Renewable Energy Association, P.O. Box 7270, Kampala Uganda. Ph: 349276/349010/275863.
Source: The New Vision, December 13, 1999, p 7
What are the Perspectives for Africa? Symposium on the Biomass
More then 200 participants came mainly from Africa to the symposium “Energy from biomass for the development and the environment: What are the perspectives for Africa?”, held at Abidjan, Ivory Coast, December 1999. Secou Sarr from ENDA, INFORSE regional coordinator participated as well.
All related major issues were discussed and recommendations have been formulated. The importance of the issue was highlighted by the fact that the event was supported by World Bank, African Development Bank, French Energy and Environment Agency, Canadian International Development Agency, and the European Union.

Source: - Secou Sarr, ENDA-Energy, Senegal, INFORSE regional coordinator,
- IEPF, e-mail:
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