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Success of Protests in Thailand
News on the Controversial Coal-fired Power Plant under Construction in Thailand.
The controversial 1,400-MW coal-fired power plant in southern Thailand reported in the last issue (No. 28) had been the subject of protests by local people and NGOs because of the project’s bad effect on local society and the expected impact to environment and economy. The many efforts of local people, Thai NGOs, and international NGOs contributed to the decision of FORTUM Power and Heat, the Finnish government enterprise, and CEPA, the USA private company, to cancel their partnership in the consortium owning the power plant.
The partnership of the two companies would have been 56% of the consortium. The other partners, who are TOMEN, a private firm from Japan, and UNION POWER, a Thai private company, try to find new partners. One potential new partner is Singapore Power International. However, the local people held a protest in front of the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok to call for the cancellation of any related investment plans of the Singapore firm.
See more on this and an alternative energy plan for Thailand promoted by SENT, the Sustainable Energy Network of Thailand; OVE-ATA, the Danish-Thai NGO Cooperation Program; and Greenpeace, in the last issue of Sustainable Energy News, No. 28, February 2000.

PV in Thailand. Renewable energy is an alternative to the coal power plant., Photo by Finn Tobiesen, OVE, Denmark

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