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PICO Hydro-Electric Project
Pico hydropower generation can meet the electricity needs of the poor and low-income groups. It satisfies small demands in a decentralised manner at low cost.
In Mankulam, an isolated village in Kerala State in India, an INFORSE member, the Malanadu Development Society (MDS), has installed 2 pilot units of 200 watt pico hydro power plants. The plants have been operating well for the past year. Based on this, the MDS is proposing to install 30 Pico-hydropower generation units for 30 poor & low income group families in the village. The complete installation cost of each unit would come to about Rs. 10,000 (US$ 250)- thus the entire cost of the 30 units would come to Rs. 300,000 (US$ 7,500). The beneficiaries have agreed to contribute small amounts to the proposed Pico-hydropower generation project. Apart from improving the quality of life, the Pico project would have good economic as well as environmental impact. It is estimated that about 1,000 litres of kerosene would be saved annually after the installation of the proposed 30 units.
The MDS, in partnership with INSEDA, is also ready to train people for installation and operation of Pico hydropower, e.g. as a part of South-South or South-North-South Cooperation, through INFORSE Network.

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