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Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association

The Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA) is a Indian national organization formed by NGOs involved in the promotion of renewable energy programmes with special focus on the implementation of biogas development in rural areas of the country. INSEDA has over 50 Indian NGOs as members and was registered as a national society in 1995.

INSEDA's aim is to facilitate process oriented, sustainable human development (SHD) in partnership with local organisations. INSEDA’s members are all working to promote sustainable energy technologies with special emphasis on poverty reduction in rural India. Since 1995, INSEDA has been the regional coordinator of INFORSE. It is also engaging in specific projects in cooperation with members, see annex 6. INSEDA received some support from Forum for Energy and Development and has received support from other (non-Danish) NGOs.

The highest body in INSEDA is the general assembly of members that elects the board which currently has seven members: five representatives of the member NGOs, the secretary general, and a business representative. The secretariat of INSEDA has 3-4 persons and is headed by a secretary general. In addition INSEDA has advisors on a number issues such as gender, micro-financing, biogas, financial monitoring and field workers for specific projects (presently 5 field workers and 48 field volunteers).

Latest INFORSE-South Asia Cooperations Projects are:

- Pro-Poor Low-Carbon Strategies in Asia, Africa and Latin America (2014-16)
- Eco-Village Development in South Asia (2015-17)
- Poverty Reduction - Manual on Renewable Enegry Technologies (2005-2008)

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