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Samsø Energy Academy

Opened in 2007, the Samsø Energy Academy aims at gathering and spreading the experience of Samsø Island on renewable energy. The Academy offers the opportunity to local and international researchers to develop their works by studying all the different energy systems available on the island (windmills, straw-based district heating, thermal solar panels).

Three organisations reside at the Academy: Samsø Energy and Environment Office, Samsø Energy Agency and the Samsø branch office of the Danish Energy Service. All together they provide scientists, companies and politicians with advices, guided energy tour, workshops and seminars. Thanks to its conference centre, the Energy Academy organises events for professionals and politicians to discuss about renewable energy, energy savings and new technologies.

Samsø Energy Academy also welcomes school classes and toursists during summer time. Visitors can learn more about renewable energy through a permanent exhibition and the experimentarium.

The Academy receives more than 2,000 visitors per year.

In 1998, Samsø Island was selected by the Danish governement to become a 100% renewable energy island. In October 2007, INFORSE-Europe organised an NGO energy policy seminar there. Read more about the island and the seminar here.

Articles in Sustainable Energy News:
(The full issues can be downloaded from the web site of INFORSE.)

  • European Sustainable Energy Seminar & Tour, October 1-5, 2007, Samsø Island Denmark
    Issue No 58, 1 & 8, October 2007 (pdf 2 MB)
    Issue No 56, p. 5, April 2007 (pdf 1.5 MB)

  • 100% Renewable Energy Communities in EU (Samsø and Crete)
    Issue No 50, p. 8-9, September 2005 (pdf 284kB)
Name and type of project

Samsø Energy Academy
Education, Research and Conference Centre

INFORSE-Europe member

Starting year 2007
New local jobs 7-10 at the Academy, and much more at the island
Number of similar projects Other islands: Gotland (Sweden), Crete (Greece), Sardinia, Canaries, Sicily. See on a European Renewable Energy Island 52-minute video:
Centers: CAT, Folkecenter
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Samsø Energy Academy
Strandengen 1
8305 Samsø, Denmark
Ph: +45 8792 1011 ; Fax.+45 8792 1070