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Demand-Side Management (DSM) in Thailand
After 5 years the Thai DSM program has saved the expected amount of electricity, using only a fraction of its budget.
In Thailand, the energy consumption has been increasing due to economic and social expansion. In the same time, Thailand imports about 65.4% (1995) of its total commercial supply of oil. To reduce the annual growth rate of energy consumption to less than 10%, the Thai government has embarked on a comprehensive energy conservation (ENCON) program, adopting its Energy Conservation and Promotion Act in 1992. The Demand-Side Management (DSM) Program is one of the conservation activities undertaken by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). It is implemented in collaboration with two electricity distributing authority, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and the Provincial Electricity Authority. The DSM Program started in 1993 with a five-year plan (1993-1997) to reduce 238 MW of peak demand and to reduce electrical consumption with 1427 GWh, with a budget of $189 million ($1 US=32 Baht). The Program involves a campaign to promote electricity-efficient fluorescent lamps, refrigerators, and air conditioners. By the end of September, 1997, the DSM Program had achieved the following: -reduced the maximum demand with 192 MW; -saved 1484 Gwh per year of electric energy; -reduced annual CO2 emissions by 1,107,000 tons; -spent a budget of 840 million Baht ($26 million). The successes of the program have been recognized by a large number of organisations, e.g., the Thai Environment Club, the Asian Engineering Federation, the Catholic Mass Media, Global Environment Facilities (GEF), and the World Bank. The energy-efficient appliances program and related activities in Thailand are still in the beginning stage. The successful programs work by continuous building-up of awareness and cooperation among the parties involved: users, educators, government, NGOs, and local manufacturers. More information: Sumniang Natakuatoong, ATA, Appropriate Technology Association, 143/171-2 Pinklao Nakornchaisri, Bang-Plad, Bangkok 10700, Thailand. Ph: 66-2-5165362, fax: 66-2-4343253, e-mail:
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ISSUE #20 Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1998-02-01)
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