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Contents SEN 72 Sustainable Energy News
SEN 72 frontpage November 2011
- The Need for Global Climate
Negotiations and Local Actions

World p. 3
- COP17 - Time for Success or
Failure of Global Climate Policy?
- INFORSE at Southern Voices
Programme 2011-12
- Aviation Emissions: Countries
for More Climate Change
- Rio + 20 June 20-22, 2012
- 2012: Year of Sustainable Energy for All
- IRENA Centre Opened, Bonn

Africa pp. 4-6
- Climate COP17 - Very Crucial to the Future of Africa
- Local Energy and Development Centres Decreasing Poverty in Mozambique
- Jatropha Biofuel in Mali

Asia p. 7
- A Vehicle for Cooperation: INFORSE Regional Workshop, November 1-2, 2011, New Delhi, India

Sustainable Energy for Climate
Mitigation: Cases pp. 8-9
- Carbon Credits for Household Biogas Plant under the “Gold Standard”
- Community Micro Hydro Power in Kenya
- Solar Driers and Lanterns in India
- Innovative Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in Sri Lanka
- Improved Water Mills Replace Diesel & Electric Mills, Nepal

Europe pp. 10-11
- European Transition to Sustainable Energy in 20-30 Years

- EU Policy:
- Roadmaps for Low-Carbon Economies
- Energy-Efficiency Directive
- Ecodesign - Moving Ahead

Back Page p. 12
- INFORSE Side Event and Exhibition at UNFCCC COP17, Durban
- INFORSE, International Network for Sustainable Energy
- SustainableEnergy, Denmark
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