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Contents SEN 64
Front page of Sustainable Energy News 64
Editorial p. 2
Climate Policies for a Global Deal

World: p. 3-4
· Finally, IRENA
· Join! Low-Carbon Societies Network
· INFORSE Visions
· Climate COP 14 - 15:
- Long Road to a Global Climate Deal
- 30% of the permitted emissions for 2000-50 have been emitted already
- Global Development Rights Framework

Europe p. 5-9
· New Renewable-Energy Directive - What will it Mean?
· Structural Funding Is Too Low for Sustainable Energy
· Revision of Ecodesign and Labelling Directives
· New Energy Efficiency of Buildings to be Adopted ‘09
· Ecodesign - New Standards for Energy Efficiency
· Regulation of Heating and Cooling is Coming
· NGOs Start “Cool Products” Campaign
· EU Green Week
· EUP Election survey

INFORSE-Europe Activities p. 8-9:
· INFORSE-Europe:
Sustainable Energy Seminar & General Meeting,
November 10-14, 2009 at Artefact, Germany
· Award to INFORSE member GERES
· Energy Poverty - A European Issue
· New European Antinuclear Forum
· WISE 30th Anniversary

News from SPARE: p. 9
· Conference in Oslo, June
· Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia

INFORSE-Europe Members Cooperation projects p. 10:
· Solar PV in Uganda
· Solar Collectors & Training in a Rural Roma Community

Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines (Nordic Folkecenter);
Biogas- Green Energy; (Aarhus University)
REN 21 2009;
Sustainable Energy Solutions in East Africa; (FoE Norway, INFORSE-Africa, CDI, TaTEDO)
Crisis, Rescue Packages in EU-27 and Renewable Energy (EREF)

Events p. 11

Back Page p. 12
· Sustainable Energy News
· DIERET CD, South Asia CD
· INFORSE Online Database
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