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Contents SEN 61, Sustainable Energy News, INFORSE
Sustainable Energy News 61 frontpage, INFORSE newsletter
Editorial p. 2
Energy Crisis - A Challenge and a Chance

World p. 3
- INFORSE at Climate Conference
- International Partnership for Energy Efficiency
- Energy Prices: An Update

Europe p. 4-7
INFORSE-Europe activities, etc.:
- Seminar & Board Meeting, Paris, France, October 13-15, 2008
- UK Energy 21 Seminar, CAT, Wales, August 16-18, 2008
- YEP! - Young Energy People
- French NGOs For a Nuclear-Free France
- 3rd SEE Award Competition

EU Policy Update:
- Energy & Climate Package
- Ecodesign: - Standby, Water Heaters, Boilers, Pumps, Fans, Biomass Combustion and More
- EU Agency for Renewables Proposed
- Energy Performance of Buildings, New Proposal
- Greenhouse Emissions in EU: A Study in Variations
- Small-scale Fuel Cells: Integration of Fluctuating Power

Asia/Africa: p. 8-9
- Ashden Award ’08, TIDE, India; Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh
- ROAD to 2020 Rainforestation Campaign in the Philippines
- Solar Energy Leads in Indian Climate Action Plan
- Volunteer Opportunity at IDEA, Sri Lanka
- German Volunteers Going Worldwide Renewable with solivol
- Merrily We Go Around Generating Electricity in Namibia, Other Play-ground Items

Publications p. 10
- Mined U, Volatility in Oil Prices, Carbon-free and Nuclear Free USA, Nuclear Energy Phase Out in France, Climate EoE, Wikipedia

Events p. 11

Back Page p. 12
- Sustainable Energy News, DIERET, INFORSE Online Database
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