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Contents SEN 10
front page of SEN 10
Editorial: The Sustainable Key to Employment P. 2

INFORSE Coordinator Meeting P. 3

World News P. 3
- World Solar Summit
- UN Conference on Women
- New UNDP Structure for Sustainable Energy

Regional News, Africa P. 5
- Regional INforSE Meeting in September '95 in Harare
- Energy Sector Rehabilitation in Rwanda
- Photovoltalcs in Kenya

Regional News, Asia P. 6
- The Green Aspects of the Philippine Energy Plan
- Alternatives Replace Arun III Dam,Narmada
- Sustainable Energy NGO Network Created In Vietnam

Regional News - Latin America P. 7
- Brasilia Meeting & Statement

Regional News- Europe P. 8
- Sustainable Energy Seminar
- Chernobyl + 10 Years
- EU Energy Whitebook
- Trans-European Network and Internal Market
- Sofia Environment Meetings
- Artefact Centre Open
- New Renewable Energy in UK
- NGO Initiatiaves for IRP & Energy & Efficiency in Hungary

Regional News- North America P. 12
- Some Renewables Are Cheaper than Conventional Power in Hawaii
- Hawai'i Unique Model Energy Code
- US Congress Cuts Support for Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy Gets a Start in Mongolia via Super-Insulating Straw Houses P. 13

AFPRO and the Indian Biogas Development P. 14

Climate Change and Renewable Energy - Pacific Way P. 16

Publications P. 18

Events P. 19

Coconut Oil Production in the Philippines P. 20
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