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Contents SEN 6
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Editorial Sustainability - A Vehicle for Social Development P. 3
by Hans Bjerregaard, Chairman, MULE INFORSE Campaign Coordinator

Regional News, Africa and Asia P. 3
- East Africa INFORSE Meeting
- World Bank Loan for Philippine Geothermic

The World Summit on Social Development - and the INOFRSE Campaign P. 4
- Background
- Expected Outcome
- The INFORSE Perspective

Regional News, Europe P. 6
- European INFORSE Meeting
- INFORSE Campaign
- European Sustainable, Energy Seminar '94
- Sustainable Energy Seminar 1995
- The Gardony Declaration
- EU Energy Market and Greenbook on Energy
- More Renewables in the KU?
- New Czech Energy Fund
- European Solar Prize 1994

Organizing INFORSE in Latin America P. 8
- Hyena N. La Rovere, IED and Aims
- INforSE Latin America

Regional News, North America P. 9
- SunDay
- Energy Efficiency Award

Short World News P. 9
- NGO Office for the Climate Summit '95
- NGO Pressure on German Government
- Energy Charter Treaty to be Signed in November?

Biofuel for Transportation: Adapt the Mortors to the Fuel P. 10
by Preben Maegoard, Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark

The Brazilian Ethanol Program P. 12
by Emillio Lebre La Rovere, COPPE/UFRJ and If IED

Small Hydropower in Germany P. 13
by Manfred Rottjes

Publication P. 14

Events P. 15

Solar Energy for All! P.16
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