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Contents SEN 4
front page of SEN 4
Editorial Energy and Jobs
- Against Underdevelopment in Latin America P. 3
by Emilo L. la Rovere, IED and Coppe/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Greeca P. 3
- Meeting for Global Renewable Energy and Ecology Centres for Action

Regional News, Africa P. 4
- Regional INFORSE meeting in Eastern Africa, March 22
- Campaign on Sustainable Energy and Social Development.
- Campaign on Sustainable Energy and Social Development.
- More than 1000 solar homes in Senegal

Regional News, Asia P. 5
- Regional Workshop and INFORSE meeting in New Delhi, May 18-21,1994
- Regional INFORSE workshop in Hanoi
- Local INFORSE meetings at the Philippines
- Sustainable Energy Networking in China
- Narmada Dam - broken promises
- Peoples' Forum 2001 in Japan

Sustainable Energy, Progressing into Development Projects P. 6
by Erik Graff, CARE Denmark

Regional News, Europe P. 7
- INFORSE Europe Meeting
- INFORSE Europe Campaign
- US invests in Temelin NPP
- CADDET Center for Renewable Energy
- Campaign Against Windfarms in Wales
- Biodiesel Plant in Italy

Regional News, Latin America P. 8
- Latin American INFORSE meeting in June
- Renewable Energy Campaign in Uruguay
- Windturbines and hydropower in Costa Rica
- Hydropower in Venezuela

Regional News, North America P. 9
- Sustainable Energy Budget
- Sun Day 1994
- Energy Fast
- Tehachapi Wind Fair
- Climate Plans for Cities
- Renewable Energy Education

World Bank Energy Strategy & Practice P. 10
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE

Mixed Governmental Support for Energy Conservation P. 12

Publications P. 12

Electricity Production Technology for Rural Development P. 13
by Josef Viglasky, Technology University in Zvolen, Slovakia

Evets P. 14

Sustainable Energy Contact - Update P. 14

Climate Negotiations - The Temperature is Rising P. 16
by René Karottki and Rasmus Gade, Forum for Energy and Development
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Sustainable Energy News
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ISSUE #4, Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1994-03-25)
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