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Contents SEN 1 Sustainable Energy News July 1993
Front page of SEN 1 - July 1993
Editorial: Energy and Democracy P. 3

Emerging Regional Structure of INFORSE P. 3

Sustainable Development News from Brazil P. 4

News from USA/ Canada P. 5

News from European Region P. 5

GFF NGO Small-Grants Window P. 6

Short News P. 6
- European Energy Charter
- Energy on Electronic Mail

Feasible to Close High Risk Nuclear Power Plants in Central and East Europe P. 7

Towards a Fossil Free Energy Futures P. 8

Wind Storage Technology Heads West P. 9

Publications P. 10

Events P.11

The Windmill Example P.12
-WISE News Communique
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Sustainable Energy News
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ISSUE #1, Sustainable Energy News (20 pages) (1993-07-25)
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